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Carly for President

(page updated January 14, 2016)

announced May 5, 2015.
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Co-Chairman  Charlie Gerow

CEO of Quantum Communications based in Harrisburg.  Began his career as a regional coordinator on Ronald Reagan's 1980 campaign and worked for Reagan in various roles for more than 25 years.  Graduate of the Villanova University School of Law, 1980.

Co-Chairman  Joe Schmuckler

CEO and partner at Cary Street Partners LLC from July 2015.  Managing partner at Medley Capital, LLC, Sept. 2010-Dec. 2013.  Senior executive officer at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., Sept. 2007-March 2010.  COO at Nomura Holdings America, Inc., 2000-March 2007; president and CEO (1998-2002), executive managing director (1996-98), and senior vice president (1990-96) of Nomura Securities International, Inc..  Partner Kidder, Peabody & Company, joined the firm as an associate in 1982.  CFO and national campaign treasurer at John McCain 2008, Inc., Nov. 2006-Dec. 2008.  M.B.A. from New York University, 1992; B.S. in finance from University of Delaware, 1982.

Campaign Manager  Frank Sadler

(previously executive director of Fiorina's Unlocking Potential PAC)  COO of Cove Strategies from June 2009.  Strategic advisor for the Founding Fund, a 501(c)(4).  Senior development associate at Koch Industries.  Various positions for U.S. Sen. George Allen, June 2001-Dec. 2006, including deputy national finance director.  Bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Hamilton College, 2001.  twitter

Deputy Campaign Manager  Sarah Isgur Flores

(previously communications director for Fiorina's Unlocking Potential Project from Jan. 2015)  Deputy communications director at the RNC from March 2013.  Research fellow with the Initiative on Neuroscience and the Law at Baylor College of Medicine.  Election day operations on Romney for President, Fall 2012.  Attorney, 2010-11.  Political director on Texans for Ted Cruz, Aug. 2009-April 2010.  Worked in the legal department on Romney's 2007-08 campaign.  J.D. from Harvard Law School, 2008; B.A. in history, political science from Northwestern University, 2004.  twitter

Press Secretary  Anna Epstein

(previously press secretary of Fiorina's Unlocking Potential Project from Feb. 2, 2015)  Press assistant at the RNC, Jan. 2014-Jan. 2015; staff assistant at the RNC in the office of the chairman, May 2013-Jan. 2014; also served as an intern at the RNC, June-Aug. 2012.  B.A. in political science and communications from Tulane University, 2013.  twitter

National Political Director  Tom Szold 

(Sept. 2015)  Previously national political director on the CARLY for America super PAC from March 2015.  Campaign manager on Marilinda Garcia's 2014 campaign for Congress in NH's 2nd CD.  Iowa communications director for the RNC, June-Nov. 2012.  Senior account manager at DCI Group, Sept. 2009-June 2012.  B.A. in journalism, history from Purchase College, SUNY.  twitter

Senior Advisor for Strategy and Outreach  Amy Noone Frederick

(from the beginning...she reportedly led the staff search; see Tim Alberta Dec. 18, 2014 article in National Journal)  President of 60 Plus Association since Jan. 2010.  Serves on the board of directors of the ACU Foundation and of the National Foundation for Women Legislators.  Candidate for Republican nomination in the House of Delegates in VA 52nd District, but withdrew April 2009.  Degree in government from Franklin and Marshall College.  Originally from Pennsylvania.

Senior Advisor  Rob Johnson

(Dec. 9, 2015 tweet)  Senior strategist on Rick Perry's campaign and earlier at Perry's RickPAC,  Manager at Abstract Communications, LLC, a limited liability company filed in Texas on June 1, 2015; also at Johnson Strategies, LLC.  Managed Perry's presidential campaign in 2011-12; senior advisor to Perry in the Governor's Office after managing his 2010 re-election campaign.  Johnson served a brief interlude as senior advisor, then for about a month as campaign manager on Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign before the mass exodus.  Chief of staff to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (TX); managed Dewhurst's 2002 campaign for Lt. Governor.  Chief of staff to Congressman Jay Dickey (AR).  Bachelor's degrees in political science and public relations from Southern Methodist University, 1997.  twitter

Social Media/War Room Director  Brandon Howell

(May 2015)  Previously at Unlocking Potential Project from Feb.-April 2015.  Account services director at Hynes Communications, May 2012-Jan. 2015.  Campaign manager on Friends of Doug McKillip in Athens, GA, Oct. 2011-April 2012.  Experience also incluse contributor to Georgia Tipsheet, May 2012-Jan. 2015 and blogger for Peach Pundit, Nov. 2010-July 2011.  A.B. in political science from the University of Georgia, 2013.  twitter

Policy Director  Casey Enders

(May 2015)  Also, acc. to Sunlight Foundation, did work for CARLY for America.  B.A. from University of Virginia.  From Chantilly, VA.  twitter

Finance  Jessica LaBerge

(May 2015)  Previously finance for Fiorina's Unlocking Potential Project, starting Feb. 2015.  Major donor manager at the NRCC, Jan. 2013-Jan. 2015.  Finance assistant (May-Dec. 2012) and finance intern (Jan.-May 2012) on Ted Cruz for Senate.  B.A. in government, history from the University of Texas at Austin.  twitter

Deputy Finance Director  Katie Granger

(May 2015)  Grant manager for the Yavapai County Education Service Agency in Prescott, AZ.  Fundraiser/campaign compliance and reporting consultant , 2009-12.  Finance director for the Washington State Republican Party, June 2010-Sept. 2011.  Deputy finance director on Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate (CO), Aug. 2007-June 2009.  Development assistant at Koch Industries, Inc., Dec. 2006-July 2007.  Assistant to the national finance director at George Allen for U.S. Senate, June-Nov. 2006.  B.S. in political science from Sam Houston State University, 2006.  twitter

National Finance Chair  Dr. Terry Neese

(announced Aug. 1, 2015)  Founder (1975) of Terry Neese Personnel Services (TNPS), National Grassroots Network, co-founder (2001) of Women Impacting Public Policy and the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW).  Republican nominee for lieutenant governor of Oklahoma in 1990.  Lifelong Oklahoman

Chief Operating Officer  Vicki Blanton

(May 2015)  Director of scheduling on Romney for President from April 2011-Nov. 2012.  Finance director on the Buck for Colorado campaign July-Nov. 2010 after serving as deputy finance director on the Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada.  Consultant to the John Suthers for Attorney General campaign in Colorado, 2009.  Scheduler on Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate, started in March 2008.  Scheduler on Romney for President, May 2007-Feb. 2008.  B.A. from Hope College, 2007.  twitter

Director of Operations  Larissa Martinez

(May 2015)  Previously director of operations for Unlocking Potential Project, Feb.-May 2015.  Senior advisor/executive director (Nov. 2013-Feb. 2015) and senior legislative assistant (Nov. 2012-Nov. 2013) to U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer.  Deputy campaign manager on Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate, Aug. 2011-Nov. 2012.  M.P.A. in public administration, political management from University of Southern California, 2011; B.A. in political science, history from the University of Georgia, 2004.

Special Assistant  (Body Person)  Rebecca Schieber

(May 2015)  B.A. in American studies and political sicence from Northwestern University, 2015.  twitter


Senior Advisor  Chris Rants

(May 7, 2015 at DMR ed. board meeting...see also his May 3 column)  Vice chairman of the board of the Republican State Leadership Committee from Jan. 2011; president of inSight Communications from April 2010; partner at Rauschenberger Partners from March 2010; and president and board member at The Legacy Foundation from Jan. 2009.  Strategist/consultant on U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter's 2011 presidential campaign.  Policy consultant to the Terry Branstad gubernatorial campaign in 2010.  Advisor to Mitt Romney's 2008 Iowa caucus campaign (announced Sept. 27, 2006). First elected to the Iowa Legislature in Nov. 1992 and served through Dec. 2010, including House Republican Leader (Jan. 2007-Nov. 2008), Speaker (Jan. 2003-Dec. 2006) and Majority Leader (May 1999-Jan. 2003).  Environmental compliance director for Metz Baking Company, Nov. 1992-May 1999.  B.A. from Morningside College, 1989.  twitter


State Chair  Ovide Lamontagne

(announced Jan. 2, 2016)  At Bernstein Shur in Manchester from Dec. 31, 2015.  General counsel to Americans United for Life in Washington, DC from early 2013.  Republican nominee for governor in 2012, losing to Maggie Hassan.  Candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010.  Republican nominee for governor in 1996, losing to Jeanne Shaheen.  Joined the Devine Millimet law firm in 1986, and was a partner there for years.  J.D. from Wyoming College of Law, 1985.  Undergraduate degree from the Catholic University of America, 1979.  Manchester native.  Note: Ovide Lamontagne's wife Bettie endorsed Fiorina on April 22, 2015 (+).

State Director  Lauren Carney

(started with Fiorina's Unlocking Potential Project in July 2014)  Partner/owner in Norway Hill Associates, Inc. since Aug. 1994.  Deputy political director at the Republican National Committee, Jan. 1989-June 1993.  Midwest deputy regional political director on Bush-Quayle '88, Aug.-Nov. 1988.  Studied at Northern Illinois University.

Scheduler  Sarah Koski

Most recently political director at Cornerstone Policy Research and Cornerstone Action from Feb. 2015.  Field director for the Unlocking Potential Project.  Graduate of Thomas Edison State College.


State Chair  Sue Lowden

(reported by the Las Vegas Sun on July 7, 2015)  Lowden's husband Paul is chairman and CEO of Archon Corp. and she has been active as an executive in those businesses.  Candidate for lieutenant governor in the June 10, 2014 Republican primary finishing second to Mark Hutchison.  Candidate for U.S. Senate in the June 8, 2010 Republican primary finishing second to Sharron Angle.  Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, 2007-09.  Served in the Nevada State Senate from 1992-97.  Reporter at KLAS-TV Channel 8 in Las Vegas to 1987.  M.A. in elementary education from Fairleigh Dckinson University; B.A. in education from American University. 

ed. note: see the super PAC, CARLY for America, for much of the organization and endorsements