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November 9, 2015

Graham 2016 Announces The Endorsement Of Iowa State Senator Tim Kapucian

Alexandria, VA - Today, Lindsey Graham 2016 announced the endorsement of Iowa State Senator Tim Kapucian, along with his wife Brenda Kapucian.  In the 2012 Presidential Primary cycle, the Kapucians were strong supporters of Senator Rick Santorum. 

“When it comes to getting things done, Senator Lindsey Graham is the only presidential candidate who has the knowledge, experience and will to move our nation forward starting on day one,” said Senator Kapucian.  “As the only remaining veteran in the race, Lindsey is going to be a strong voice for those Americans who have been fighting for our freedom and deserve a Commander-in-Chief who can implement a strategy that can win.  Lindsey Graham will provide the leadership we need in Washington to secure our nation and that’s why we’re proud to say, he’s our choice for President of the United States.”

Senator Graham responded to the Kapucians’ support by saying, “I’m so grateful to have Tim and Brenda’s endorsement.  These are two great leaders in Iowa, and I know their support sends a message to the agriculture community throughout the state that I am a candidate who will fight for them.”