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CONTACT: Connie Wehrkamp


January 22, 2016 - When John Kasich performs well in New Hampshire, the New Day For America South Carolina team is well-positioned to help push Kasich through the tape in the Palmetto State's February 20th primary election. 

For more than five months, New Day For America has been building an unparalleled operation in South Carolina. Between early September and late October, the team grew to a full-time staff of eight and opened six offices in different congressional districts throughout the state. 

"We've built one of the strongest operations in South Carolina and our team is ready to step up when John Kasich comes roaring out of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary," said Matt David, New Day For America's chief strategist. "John Kasich's lifelong record as a fiscal and social conservative resonates in South Carolina and our team will continue to do everything we can to make sure the voters know about it." 

Over 1 Million Voter Contacts

New Day For America was one of the first groups to go door-to-door in South Carolina and each of its six offices are home to phone banks that have been making calls to voters in the state every day since September. Overall, more than 1 million voter contacts have been made by phone and through New Day For America's door-to-door efforts. 

Building GOP Support From Upstate To The Lowcountry

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the New Day For America team, grassroots support for John Kasich is gaining strength across South Carolina. 

Nearly 30 GOP leaders serve as New Day For America chairmen in the most heavily-Republican counties in the state. In this role, chairmen are key surrogates who help share John Kasich's message with voters and drive volunteer efforts. 

The progress made on the ground is no more evident than in the three counties with the most Republican voters where John Kasich has performed extremely well in party straw polls. 

  • John Kasich placed 1st in the Lexington County GOP straw poll. Lexington County has the second-highest number of Republican voters in the state.
  • John Kasich placed 3rd in the Greenville County GOP straw poll. Greenville County has more Republican voters than any other county in the state. 
  • John Kasich placed 3rd in the Charleston County GOP straw poll. Charleston County has the third-highest number of Republican voters in the state. 
As these straw polls indicate, John Kasich's support is not isolated to one area of South Carolina. Upstate Republicans, voters in the Midlands and GOP supporters in the Lowcountry know we need John Kasich in the White House. 

Major Endorsements

New Day For America's efforts have helped to earn John Kasich nearly 150 public endorsements from Republican grassroots activists statewide. Additionally, thanks in part to the efforts of the New Day For America team, John Kasich has earned more legislative endorsements in South Carolina than any other presidential candidate. 

Majority-Minority Project

While other Republican candidates are largely ignoring South Carolina's 6th Congressional District, New Day For America has launched its Majority-Minority Project to target voters in a heavily African-American and Democrat-leaning district. Why? Delegates. South Carolina holds an open primary to allow Democrats or Independents to pull a Republican ballot on February 20. A portion of South Carolina's delegates are awarded based on vote share in individual congressional districts, which means earning a majority of the votes in this district will result in earned delegates for John Kasich. Gov. Kasich's record and message of economic opportunity and inclusion resonates across the state, including the 6th Congressional District, and this program seeks to capitalize on that. 


New Day For America is an independent organization committed to electing conservative Ohio Governor John Kasich as the next President of the United States. John Kasich is the only candidate who will fix what's broken in Washington by shaking up the political system, breathing new ideas into the process, and fighting to restore the conservative values that make our country stronger. New Day For America independently supports John Kasich through television advertising, digital advertising, direct mail and other targeted voter contact efforts.