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CONTACT: Connie Wehrkamp


February 22, 2016 - New Day For America has announced the roll-out of its national political operation, which will cover several March primary states and position the organization to supplement John Kasich's campaign efforts already underway across the country.

"Our Super PAC's focus on the ground game is unique and, just as we did in New Hampshire, we fully expect our team to impact the race for the nomination," said Connie Wehrkamp, New Day For America spokeswoman. "We are strategically placing our focus and resources where we can make the biggest impact and ensure John Kasich, the one Republican who can win in November, is our nominee."

New Day For America will have more than 50 staff and 14 offices operating in 12 of the March primary states, including: Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Maine, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio and North Carolina.

In the key state of Michigan, New Day For America has opened three offices and hired 14 staff. In John Kasich's home state of Ohio, the organization has opened seven offices and hired eight staff, with another three people slated to join the team in the coming week.

New Day For America's grassroots footprint is one of, if not the, largest of any Super PAC involved in the 2016 presidential race. The grassroots operation works in concert with the organization's paid media, digital and mail efforts.