August 17, 2015



Today Kasich for America announced that State Rep. Heather Crawford will be the campaign's South Carolina State Director. Her first day is today.

"I'm excited about Governor Kasich's prospects here in South Carolina. He has the experience, temperament and poise to tackle the tough issues, make key decisions and move our country forward through conservative principles. Our country needs an innovative, idea-driven leader who has actually balanced the federal budget - Governor Kasich's done it. He also understands the complexities of our foreign policy, the challenges facing our military and will fight to strengthen our standing in the world. Governor Kasich brings substantial executive experience to this race.  Under his leadership as governor of Ohio he closed an $8 billion budget shortfall without a tax increase and generated a $2 billion surplus in the state's rainy day fund.  Like many South Carolinians, I believe it's important to have a leader with a deep understanding of the issues and a strong record of success. Governor Kasich certainly brings those attributes to the table, and I'm confident that he'll move swiftly and effectively to reverse the current course of our nation," Crawford said. 

About State Rep. Heather Crawford

Crawford is a Member of the SC House of Representatives first elected in 2012. She was the House Freshman Caucus Chair from 2012-13.  She is also a Realtor and Businesswoman.  Crawford was Regional Field Director, Romney for President in 2007-08 and Political Director, Office of Representative Alan Clemmons, 2008-2011.

Crawford is a Board Member for Grand Strand Citizens for Life since 2008.  She served on the South Carolina Republican Party State Executive Committee, 2009-11.  She has been active in many other community and Republican groups in South Carolina.


Gov. Kasich is running for President to help Americans restore our nation, live in safety and pass on prosperity to those who come after us—and he’s got the experience to help us do it. He was reelected last year by a 30-point margin after working with his fellow Ohioans to turn an $8 billion shortfall into a $2 billion surplus, cut taxes $5 billion and create 350,000 jobs.  As chair of the Budget Committee in Congress he led the effort to balance the federal budget for the first time in a generation and served 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee where he helped enact President Reagan's national security agenda.  He has also had a successful career as an investment banker, New York Times best-selling author and at FOX News.  He and his wife Karen have twin teenage daughters and live in their home outside Columbus.

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