November 3, 2016

C-SPAN To Provide Full Candidate Speeches in President Race and Key Senate Races

C-SPAN's LIVE Election Night coverage will begin at 8pm ET with results from the Presidential, Senate, House and Governor's races.  Prime-time programming will include victory and concession speeches, viewer calls/reactions and comments from social media. 
C-SPAN Radio and will also have LIVE election results as well as victory and concession speeches available on the FREE C-SPAN Radio app and on demand at
Election coverage on C-SPAN will continue Wednesday, Nov. 9 with Washington Journal at 6am ET and LIVE news conferences/events reacting to election results throughout the day.

ed. note: C-SPAN uses a combination of feeds from the network pool (for the Trump and Clinton speeches) and its own crews in states sending back live feed from key Senate races, probably around a dozen or so.  Spokesman Howard Mortman states that C-SPAN eschews an elaborate set.  "For us, it's more about hearing directly from the candidates and Americans, via our callers," he said.