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O’Malley for Iowa Announces 17 Key Endorsements

Des Moines -- Today, O’Malley for Iowa announced 17 key endorsements statewide, including the first two endorsements from sitting Iowa legislators, multiple County Chairs around the state, and elected officials and community leaders who have committed to caucus for new leadership. Iowans are looking for a new leader with a record of getting things done. Governor O’Malley not only holds progressive values, but has 15 years of executive experience of delivering results on them.
As the campaign heads into the Fall season and Iowans begin to pay more attention to the presidential race following Labor Day, O’Malley continues to gain momentum on the ground. With overflow crowds on college campuses, increasing endorsements from community leaders who know how to organize caucuses, and a commitment to one-on-one conversations with Iowans around the state – O’Malley is building a caucus campaign from the grassroots up.
O’Malley for Iowa staff and volunteers have been building out a strong grassroots organization in the past three months. Governor O’Malley has spent more time in Iowa than any other candidate and continues to make the accessible and open retail politics of the caucus a centerpiece of his campaign.
Today, these Iowa leaders officially endorsed Martin O’Malley for President of the United States:
·         Rich Taylor, Iowa  State Senator
·         Dan Kelley, Iowa State Representative 
·         Berkley Bedell, Former US Congressman
·         Joe Judge, Monroe County Chair
·         Mary Hoyer, Henry County Chair
·         Carol Gordon, Grundy County Chair
·         Donna Crum, Mills County Chair
·         Melinda Jones, Wapello County Chair
·         Larry Hodgden, Cedar County Chair
·         Bev Strayhall, Scott County Vice Chair
·         Nathan Blake, School Board Member
·         John Murphy, Dubuque County Recorder
·         Steve Seigel, Wapello County Supervisor
·         Kim Boggus, IDP State Central Committee Member and Affirmative Action Officer
·         Julie Stewart, IDP State Central Committee Member
·         Edgar Ortiz, Latino community activist
·         Mary Burke, Member of SEIU