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For Immediate Release
November 19, 2015

Matt Sheaff

O'Malley for New Hampshire Announces 10 Additional Granite State Endorsements; Builds on Strong Support in Queen City

MANCHESTER, NH - Following a breakout performance by Governor O’Malley at the Iowa Democratic Debate, O’Malley for New Hampshire today announced 10 new Granite State endorsements. Today’s announcement includes current and former elected officials and long time progressive champions. It also builds on Governor O'Malley's strong support in New Hampshire's largest city, Manchester.  

"Coming off a breakthrough debate performance and leading into New Hampshire's Jefferson Jackson Dinner and debate, Governor O'Malley continues to gain momentum here in the Granite State," said John Bivona, O'Malley for President NH State Director. These new endorsements, along with Governor O'Malley's continued commitment to campaigning the New Hampshire way, support the kind of grassroots operation we need to be successful in the first in the nation primary. 

In the last month, Governor O’Malley has won the endorsement of over 30 public officials, community leaders and Democratic activists from across the Granite State who support his record of actions not words, and laud his leadership based on principles, not polls.

Also, in announcing 21 endorsements last month, O'Malley for NH named Former Senator Peter Burling of Cornish, Mary Rauh of New Castle, and Dave Allen of Manchester to serve as New Hampshire Co-Chairs of the Campaign. 

O’Malley has been campaigning the New Hampshire way, focusing on bold ideas and neighbor-to-neighbor conversations, to build the kind of grassroots effort best suited to win the New Hampshire primary. Today, the campaign builds on that success by announcing the support of leaders from across the state who know how to organize for the FITN primary and will serve as a vital resource as the campaign progresses this Fall.

Today, these Granite Staters officially endorsed Martin O'Malley for President of the United States:

Manchester Community Leaders
Catherine Cavanaugh, Manchester Grassroots Organizer and former NARAL board member
John Clayton, Former Union Leader columnist and author
Dan O'Neil, Manchester Alderman
Marty Quirk, Musician 
Matt and Jody Wilhelm, Manchester Community Leaders, CityYear and AmeriCorps Alumni

Additional Endorsements
Hon. Betsy Burtis, Former State Representative
Hon. John Mann, State Representative
Hon. Catherine Mullholland, Former State Representative
Pete Spanos, Sullivan County Community Leader