January 13, 2015

DCCC Announces Executive Team for 2016 Cycle, Most Diverse Ever

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced its Executive Leadership Team of battle-tested veterans for the 2016 election cycle who will oversee the strategic objectives for the Committee. Nearly half of the seven Executives at the DCCC for the 2016 cycle are people of color – the most diverse DCCC senior team ever – and the Committee has new talent on the Executive Team overseeing messaging and voter contact, critical elements of the 2016 strategy.

New staff includes Deputy Executive Director for Outreach and Voter Contact Dan Sena, a New Mexico political veteran and former Political Director at the Democratic Governors Association, Ty Matsdorf, former War Room Director at American Bridge and Campaign Director at Senate Majority PAC, and Senior Advisor Aaron Trujillo.  The announcement of additional senior staff will come later in the first quarter.

“These are a diverse group of experienced veterans who know how to build quality campaigns, recruit top candidates and win tough races,” said DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward.  “Our team will dedicate their immense talent, drive and skill to winning seats in 2016 and electing a Congress that works for the middle class again.”

DCCC Executive Team for the 2016 Cycle:

Hayley Dierker, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief of Staff. Hayley served as COO and Senior Advisor to the Chairman during the 2014 cycle. She was previously the DCCC’s Chief of Staff to Chairman Steve Israel and served with Congressmen Scott Murphy and Don Cazayoux.

Brandon English, Deputy Executive Director for Digital Communications and Fundraising.  Brandon was Digital Director for the 2014 cycle building a program that raised a record-breaking $70 million for the DCCC from a record 3.5 million online donations. English has overseen a 400% growth of the DCCC’s digital program from $14 million in the 2010 cycle to today.

Jackie Forte-Mackay, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Jackie served as CFO in the 2014 cycle and is charged with overseeing the Committee’s finances and compliance reporting with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). This will mark Ms. Forte-Mackay’s 11th cycle as the DCCC’s CFO.

Ty Matsdorf, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Strategic Messaging. Ty will coordinate the Communications, Research and Policy Departments. Ty is taking leave from his current position at the Messina Group and has previously served on five Senatorial campaigns and President Obama’s 2012 re-election, as communications director for Senators Baucus and Blumenthal, War Room Director and Senior Advisor to the Democratic super PAC American Bridge, and Campaign Director for Senate Majority PAC.

Ian Russell, Deputy Executive Director and Political Director. Ian will oversee candidate recruitment and incumbent protection, including the DCCC’s Red-to-Blue and Frontline programs. Ian was Political and Campaign Director at the DCCC in the 2014 cycle and previously served as Midwest Political Director during the 2012 cycle.  A native of Michigan, he has worked on federal and state races across the Midwest.

Dan Sena, Deputy Executive Director for Outreach and Voter Contact. Dan will oversee Field and Targeting and serve as Senior Advisor to Chairman Luján. He brings over 15 years of campaign experience to the DCCC, most recently serving as campaign manager for the successful re-election of Senator Tom Udall in New Mexico. In 2012, Sena served as the Political Director to the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), electing Governors in key battle ground states of MO, NH, MT, WV and WA. Prior to joining the DGA, Sena oversaw the Latino message and turnout efforts for Patriot Majority in Nevada in 2010.

In addition, Chairman Luján has also hired Aaron Trujillo as Senior Advisor to the Chairman. Trujillo is a veteran of New Mexico politics and constituent services, Luján’s campaigns and Congressional Office and most recently served as Associate Director for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs in the Department of Commerce.

The Committee previously announced that Kelly Ward would continue to serve as Executive Director and Missy Kurek as Deputy Executive Director for Finance and Political Director for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.