May 7, 2015

RNC Announces 2016 Data Agreements 

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus today announced the RNC has entered into data agreements with American Future Project, Carly for President, Cruz for President, Leadership Matters for America, Our American Revival, Patriot Voices, Reclaim America, RickPAC, and Right to Rise. These agreements will provide PACs and campaigns with access to the RNC’s unrivaled voter data warehouse to maximize the effectiveness of their voter files and to help these organizations achieve their goals while providing the RNC with enhanced data in return.  The RNC will continue to work with official and prospective candidates, campaigns, and organizations to ensure all Republicans seeking the White House are able to maximize their use of top-notch data.
“The 2016 election will be a data-driven campaign cycle, and I am enthusiastic about the possibilities these agreements provide,” said Chairman Priebus. “These list exchanges will allow the RNC to benefit from enhancements made by these PACs and campaigns so that the RNC, the eventual presidential nominee, and Republican candidates up and down the ticket will have an even more robust data for use in the general election.
“By committing to this plan for enhanced data, we can ensure that the party will be prepared to target and turn out voters in the general election with the most complete and up-to-date voter file. We know that voters do not want another four years of Obama-Clinton policies, and this unprecedented data exchange will allow us to win the White House in 2016.”

ed. note:
Bush - Right to Rise
Christie - Leadership Matters for America
Cruz - Cruz for President
Fiorina - Carly for President
Jindal - American Future Project
Perry - RickPAC
Rubio - Reclaim America
Santorum - Patriot Voices
Walker - Our American Revival