June 11, 2016

RNC Holds National Training Day 

 Thousands of volunteers and hundreds of staff mobilize in 14 states

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee (RNC) will mobilize hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers for a National Training Day today, Saturday, June 11, 2016.  At 150 locations in 14 states the RNC will activate over 5,000 volunteers for training and voter contact in key states across the country. The effort is in coordination with the Trump Campaign, State Parties, and House and Senate campaigns across the country as part of the RNC’s commitment to elect Republicans up and down the ballot.
“Since the Spring of 2013, the RNC has been building an unprecedented permanent field operation to help protect congressional majorities and send a Republican to the White House,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “After over 1,000 days of preparation and building community relationships, we are activating, training, and mobilizing thousands of volunteers in the first major organizing push of 2016.  Donald Trump and the Republican ticket inherit a field operation that has already dedicated over one million organizing hours toward preparing for the general election, and a program that will be the largest and most robust data-driven operation in Party history.”
The RNC has put an increased emphasis on training staff, organizers, and volunteers to ensure the party has the most prepared and professional operation in GOP history. Individuals at all levels of the field program receive frequent trainings and refresher trainings, and today's National Training Day is the first of multiple large scale National Training Days before November to test the capacity of the RNC’s field program and train Neighborhood Teams. Future National Training Days will focus on reinforcing voter registration, persuasion, absentee ballot applications, and early voting training. Volunteers will also continue to learn how to integrate their canvassing efforts with a state-of-the-art data operation on which the RNC has spent $100 million dollars since 2013.
By the summer of 2013, the RNC had announced state directors and staff in every single battleground state, while Clinton and the DNC has just begun making these announcements in the last few weeks. The RNC has had the permanent ground operation in place for over 1000 days, and currently has over 750 staff, including over 450 paid staffers in the field, months ahead of Election Day.

National Training Day will take place in:
North Carolina
New Hampshire
New York