Rand Paul for President Announces South Carolina Grassroots Leadership Team

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Rand Paul for President today announced 50 South Carolina Grassroots Leaders composed of public officials, business leaders, and activists who will help Sen. Rand Paul succeed in the Palmetto State on the road to the White House. 

Sen. Paul's consistent message of limited government resonates with grassroots leaders across South Carolina. These grassroots leaders represent the growing excitement for a leader who will protect our liberty, rein in the corrupt Washington Machine and return power back to the people.

"Sen. Rand Paul is a different kind of Republican. He is the only candidate who can expand the Republican party with the constitutional conservative principles of limited government and expanded personal liberty. Sen. Paul's record matches his rhetoric with proposals such as his Fair and Flat Tax plan, criminal justice reforms, and common-sense foreign policy," State Senator Tom Davis said. American's are tired of corrupt politicians who will say anything to get elected, and Sen. Rand Paul is our only hope in changing the status quo.  I am proud to Stand with Rand as his South Carolina State Co-Chairman.  Together, we will spread the message of liberty across the Palmetto State, and defeat the Washington Machine." 
The South Carolina Grassroots Leaders supporting Rand Paul for President include:

State Senator Tom Davis, Beaufort - State Senator and Rand Paul for President State Co-Chairman
State Representative Mike Pitts, Laurens - State Representative 
Stewart Jones, Laurens- County Councilman, Laurens
Mike Seekings, Charleston - City Councilman, Charleston
Bill Woosley, Charleston - Mayor, James Island
Josh Stokes, Charleston - Town Councilman, James Island
Kevin Thomas, Fairfield - Former Chairman, Fairfield Republican Party
Steven O'Conner, Aiken- Grassroots Leader
Mark Roberts, Aiken- Physician & Grassroots Leader
Dr. Mike Vasovski, AikenPhysician & Ron Paul S.C. State Chair 2012
Reb Zusha Kalet, Beaufort - Rabbi
Chris Feuers, Beaufort Grassroots Leader
Aldo Napoli, Berkeley Grassroots Leader
Andrew Tsafos, Berkeley - Grassroots Leader
Dr. Marcelo Hochman, Charleston Physician 
Jason Clouse, Charleston - Grassroots Leader
Derek Duncan, Charleston Grassroots Leader
Duffy Lewis, Charleston- Former Charleston County GOP 2nd Vice Chairman, Grassroots Leader
Regina Derr, Chester Grassroots Leader
Brandon Derr, Chester - Grassroots Leader
Timothy Derby, Dillon- Small business owner, Grassroots Leader
Kelly Sauls, Dillon - Grassroots Leader
Chip Nimmich, Dorchester - Veteran & Grassroots Leader
Albert Tskanikas, DorchesterGrassroots Leader
D.J. Tucker, Dorchester Grassroots Leader
Angel Tucker, Dorchester - Grassroots Leader
Charles Cantrell, DorchesterGrassroots Leader
Kim Cantrell, Dorchester Grassroots Leader
Ross Kuenzle, Georgetown Grassroots Leader
Brandon Oberle, Greenville- Small business owner, Grassroots Leader
Dan Pope, Greenville - Chairman of Pints for Liberty, Grassroots Leader
Steve Hoffman, Horry - Grassroots Leader
John Katsanos, Horry Grassroots Leader
Jennifer Sharp, Kershaw Grassroots Leader
Les Jones, Laurens - Grassroots Leader
Jason Farmer, LexingtonGrassroots Leader
Isaac Goble, Newberry- Small business owner, Grassroots Leader
Jay Salter, NewberryGrassroots Leader
Chris Spangenberg, Pickens  - Grassroots Leader
Chris Barczak, Richland- Small business owner, Grassroots Leader
Ryan Blanks, RichlandGrassroots Leader
Chase Floyd, Richland - Grassroots Leader
Daniel Hotchkiss, RichlandGrassroots Leader
Bill Bledsoe, SpartanburgGrassroots Leader
Robbie Bowen, Spartanburg - Grassroots Leader
Robert Rosia, SpartanburgGrassroots Leader
Erika Ritchey, SpartanburgGrassroots Leader
Robert Ritchey, SpartanburgGrassroots Leader
Kevin Wolf, Sumter Grassroots Leader
Mike Wallace, York- Reverend