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March 16, 2013--Gov. Scott Walker (WI) declared, "Real reform doesn't happen in our nation's capital, it happens in our statehouses all across this great country."  He recounted some of his accomplishments:

"We came in and took that deficit, $3.6 billion and today it's nearly a half a billion dollar surplus.  We took a state where taxes had gone up and we not only lowered the overall tax burden for the first time in years, property taxes on a median valued home have actually gone in each of the last two years.  And when it comes to jobs, under my predecessor's term, Wisconsin had lost 133,000 jobs, and back in 2010 a survey of employers in the state showed that just 10-percent, just 10-percent of our employers thought we were headed in the right direction.  Well today we're gaining jobs and 93-percent of our employers say Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.  We can lead with an optimistic message."  >

Elaborating, Walker said:

"In America we need to show an optimistic message that says we're not standing with the big government special interests.  We're not even standing with the big businesses in America.  We're standing with the hard-working tax payers, and that's a message that can resonate all across this country."

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