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March 6, 2014--Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) had a light opening to his remarks:

"Because I believe in the future of America, my Opportunity Agenda focuses on the American people  and not the federal government.  By limiting the government, we empower the people.  We don't need the big government and Obamacare choosing our doctors, do we?  We don't need Obamacare forcing pizza places to tell us how many calories are on our pizza.  Do we really want to know?  I'm not sure about you, but I don't even want to know how many calories are on my pizza.  When I eat my Hagen Daz ice cream, I want to enjoy those 1,292 calories, and all 100 grams of fat in one sitting.  And some of y'all don't want Obamacare to increase the taxes on the tanning beds.  Now please note I said some of y'all.  I don't really care about that tax.  Just joking.  Just joking.  You've got to have some fun when you're at CPAC, right?"

The core of Scott's speech focused on two education proposals he has been advocating recently: school choice and training and workforce development.  On school choice, Scott said, "They [parents] should be free to choose home school, public school, charter schools, parochial schools. It should be the parents' choice. When the parents have a choice, the kids have a chance."  On training he said, "We should have a dual track: one for college and one for the skills necessary to fill the four million vacancies we have today in America."  Scott introduced the Creating Hope and Opportunity for Individuals and Communities through Education (CHOICE) Act and the Supporting Knowledge and Investing in Lifelong Skills (SKILLS) Act in January.
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