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March 7, 2014--Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) started off day two of CPAC with a rousing speech that brought the audience to its feet. 

"It is time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas.
"But instead of looking to Washington to find the front lines of the battle, I ask you to look to the states, where we find the laboratories of innovation, and 50 different experiments in democracy taking place.
"Now among the states we see two visions for America. There’s the vision common in blue states, where the state plays an increasing role in the lives of its citizens.
"In these states, taxes are on the rise. Pension programs are out of control and jobs are leaving by the truckloads.
"And then there’s the vision common to American, red America, the red state America vision where the freedom of the individual comes first, and the reach of government is limited.
"In these states, taxes are low, spending is under control, jobs are on the rise and opportunity is being sought far and wide." (transcript)
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