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March 7, 2014--Foster Friess introduced former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) as a man who "knows what he believes, knows his heart."  Santorum, who has a book, "Blue Collar Conservatives" coming out in April, recalled the 2012 campaign, when, he said, “We went out and talked about job creators. We talked about job creators, not job holders.”  At the Republican Convention "small business person after small business person after small business person after large business person” spoke, but “we didn’t send one server from a restaurant on the stage.”  Santorum urged "focusing on those who are working Americans." 

"...Notice I didn't say 'middle class."  I don't know why we do this, fellow conservatives and Republicans.  Why do we believe, why do we use a term, I  should say, that is of the other side.  Why do we as Republicans who believe in the dignity of every human life, who believe in equality of opportunity for everyone to rise, adopt a clas-envy, leftist language that divides America against themselves?  Classes in America.  Do we really accept the fact there are classes in America?  Then why do we use that term, why do we adopt their language?  We have to stop that..." (transcript)
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