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Jan. 23, 2014 - Denver hosted the successful 2008 Democratic National Convention and the Denver 2016 Convention Host Committee would like to build on that experience.  The idea of launching a Denver bid traces back to the RNC Summer meeting in Boston, and the Committee held its kickoff event just last week.  Former Congressman Bob Beauprez is chairman and Angela Lieurance, former chief of state at Univeristy of Colorado Health, is running it day to day.  Ryan Call, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, noted there are 9,300 hotel rooms within walking distance of Pepsi Center and the Convention Center.  He said that a new light rail from the airport to Union Station is scheduled to begin operation in Jan. 2016, and that, in terms of financing, Republicans are able engage some sectors of the business community that the Democrats had less success with.  "The most important lesson [from the Democrats' 2008 convention] is no Greek columns," Call joked. 
The Denver 2016 Convention Host Committee put together 250 gift bags containing: Enstrom almond toffees (milk chocolate and dark chocolate), frozen margarita in a pouch from Coyote Gold in Fort Collins, a bottle of Coors Banquet, a bottle of Coors Light, a can of Colorado Native lager (a craft brew from Coors available only in Colorado), a Colorado Rockies T-shirt and hat, a T-shirt with the Denver Broncos mascot Thunder, a Denver pin, and some literature.

ed. note Jan. 30:
Also helping out with the Denver effort at the RNC's Washington, DC meeting was Cathy Nugent. As reported by Kansas City Business Journal on Jan. 28, Nugent was a key figure in development of Kansas City's efforts but left due to a contract disagreement. 

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