Political Parties at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair
Aug. 21 and Aug. 30, 2014--Lots of political activity at the Minnesota State Fair.  Photos courtesy Mike Dec, 4president.org.
Minnesota DFL booth.

Republican Party of Minnesota booth at 1702 Carnes Ave. next to Ye Old Mill - (Top) Notice the person in the chicken suit with the sign "Al Franken Too Chicken to Debate."  (Third photo) "The Republican Party of Minnesota unveiled a butter sculpture of the new legislative office building to highlight the wasteful spending of Democrat Gov. Mark DaytonThe butter sculpture represents the Democrats irresponsible
spending habits. 
Instead of focusing on creating better education or safer roads and bridges, Democrats decided to build themselves a lavish $90 million office building. That’s just not Minnesotan."

Independence Party of Minnesota - Today's Talking Topic: What's the best way to solve the looming student loan crisis?  Through: 1-The federal government?  2-The banks?  3-The state government?  4-The colleges & universities?

Libertarian Party of Minnesota.

Green Party of Minnesota - Lena Buggs, candidate for state Representative District 65A.

Constitution Party of Minnesota.

The Johnson for Governor booth "on Underwood, just North of Dan Patch, across from Kiddyland."  Johnson, the Republican candidate for Governor, at right in the blue shirt.
Photos courtesy Mike Dec, 4president.org.
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