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Feb. 23, 2015 - After Vice President Joe Biden's speech, NACo president Riki Hokama, a member of the Maui County Council, continued the meeting, highlighting a number of NACo programs and initiatives. 
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Hokama presented "Federal Policies Matter to County Government," a new six-minute whiteboard video that sets out what counties do and presents some of NACo's priorities.  [TruScribe produced the video]
April is National County Government Month.
Federal lands are exempt from local taxes.  The "Payments in Lieu of Taxes" (PILT) program offsets the lost revenue.  In FY 2014, about 1,900 local governments around the country received a total of $436.9 million under PILT (>).
Hokama also talked up NACo's Live Healthy program, which provides prescription, health and dental discounts.  To promote the Live Healthy program toothbrushes had been distributed around each table and seat in the ballroom, and a Timmy Tooth character made an appearance as well.
Aetna received the NACo Corporate Award.
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