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Feb. 12, 2015 -- Lincoln Labs' Reboot Congress conference brings together people from the technology world and the political world in an effort to help "leaders in Washington to solve problems, not complain about them."  This year the two-day conference, held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, featured several presidential prospects.
Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, in conversation with Katie Biber, stated, "Technology is fundamentally the most powerful tool for empowering the individual that's ever been invented."  Fiorina talked about the work of Alexandria, VA-based Good360, where she serves as chairman of the board.  The firm connects corporations that have goods they would like to donate and charities.  Fiorina contrasted the efficiency with which Good360 is able to accomplish its work and the troubles plaguing the Veterans Administration.  Fiorina said her conservative philosophy starts with the premise that everybody is equal, while liberals start with the premise that not everybody is capable.  Fiorina also offered the audience advice based on her career.  She noted for example that unlike some people she had not had a carefully mapped out career plan.  She observed, "I learned a lot when I was a secretary."  "Do the hard stuff.  Do the hard stuff," she said.  And, "If you see a challenge that's interesting to you, run to it."
After her talk Fiorina did several brief interviews, starting with Lincoln Labs.  The interviewer asked her favorite app or tech tool.  Fiorina pointed to the weather app because she has been travelling so much recently; it allows her to see "how much snow is there."  In response to another question about technology, Fiorina said she grew up before the computer era took off, but when in college she worked as a secretary typing in the shipping department at HP.  The introduction of the IBM Selectric typewriter "made your life so much easier."  On her conservative philosophy, she said she was "raised as a conservative."  Her father would watch the evening news and argue with it, and would read the New York Times and argue with it.  In a second interview, the reporter asked how her consideration of running for president is progressing; Fiorina said the likelihood of her running is "way over 50-percent."  She said she is "very encouraged" and sees "a hunger for something different."  A third interviewer from the Chamber of Commerce asked about her experience at HP and Fiorina said her initial challenge there was to make the case "why we could and we needed to do better."
Unlocking Potential communications director Sarah Isgur Flores walks Fiorina to a cab.