At the Fair 
Sept. 8, 2016 - State and county fairs offer parties and candidates a good opportunity to spread their messages, and for the candidates themselves there's always the question of what to see and what to eat.  For state and local candidates and offiicials a fair provides an opportunity talk with visitors in an informal setting, but for major party presidential or vice presidential candidate visits crowd control becomes a concern.  Parties line up volunteers to work the booths and provide literature on their various candidates, and sometimes buttons and other items for sale.  There have been several visits by presidential candidates to fairs this summer.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence - Canfield Fair in Youngstown, OH, Sept. 5.

Mike Pence - Indiana State Fair, Aug. 5.
                      Iowa State Fair, Aug 20.

Tim Kaine - Iowa State Fair, Aug. 17.

Evan McMullin - Minnesota State Fair, Sept. 2

Darrell Castle - Minnesota State Fair, Sept. 3.

Minnesota State Fair - St. Paul - Aug. 25-Sept. 5, 2016
Photos courtesy Mike Dec,; Green Party of Minnesota: Constitution Party of Minnesota

Evan McMullin ant the Independence Party booth on Friday.

Iowa State Fair - Des Moines - Aug. 9-19, 2016
Photos courtesy Iowa Republican Party, Iowa Democratic Party
Gov. Mike Pence and his wife Karen draw a large crowd at the Iowa Republican Party booth.
Iowa Democratic Party Chair Dr. Andy McGuire and fellow Democrats at the Party's booth.