FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 20, 2015

Congressman Markwayne Mullin Announces Support for Marco Rubio for President 

MUSKOGEE – Markwayne Mullin, a Republican Congressman from Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District, announced today that he is endorsing Marco Rubio for president.

“I have always been clear that the person I will support for president must be a true leader –someone who can unite our country and move our nation forward. I believe Marco Rubio is that person,” Mullin said.

With the growing strength of the Islamic State and recent attacks in Paris and elsewhere, Mullin said Republicans will be best served by a nominee with a strong understanding of the need for a credible foreign policy.

“One of the most important jobs of our next president will be keeping this country safe,” Mullin 
said. “Senator Rubio has the knowledge and understanding of the serious threats facing this country. Our current situation is, in large measure, due to the complete lack of leadership and foreign policy from this president and his administration.”

Mullin said an important quality that Rubio possesses is that he knows his own strengths and 
more importantly, his weaknesses.

“With that knowledge, a true leader like Senator Rubio will surround himself with very capable 
people whose insight and abilities fill in those areas,” Mullin said.

Because the next presidential election is so critical, Mullin said it is important for every voter to 
make a well-informed decision.

“Our country cannot afford to have another president like the one we have now,” said Mullin. 
“While I have made up my mind on which candidate I will be supporting, I strongly encourage voters to make up their own minds by delving into the candidates’ positions on the important issues, and not relying on 20-second sound bites.”