May 15, 2016 facebook post by Anne Jensen Harper (Florida)

Dear Super-Delegate:

Now that Donald Trump is viewed as the Republican nominee, it is vital that voting Democrats elect the candidate that can and will defeat him. If you were one of the Super-Delegates that committed to a candidate before the campaign even began, I hope you will consider that a lot has happened since that time. The explosion of support for Bernie Sanders illustrates the fact that he should be the Democratic nominee since he is the one who can defeat Donald Trump.

Here's why :
.Voters trust Bernie; His integrity is beyond question. His record is one of consistency. When he takes a stand, it's because he believes in it; when Hillary takes a stand, or changes one; it's because it is expedient. Example - fracking and TPP.

.When thinking about electability, consider likability. Voters like and respect Bernie for his honesty and compassion for the underdog. Example, marching for strikers and voting rights, especially back when it wasn't a popular thing to do.

.Independents are very strong for Bernie. These voters will flock to Bernie in November - they will not vote for Hillary as polls clearly show. The states that Clinton has won were closed Primaries, Bernie's wins were open primaries or caucuses, showing the influence of the independent voter that will occur in November.

.Many anti-Trump Republicans can be swayed to vote for Bernie. Not true for Mrs. Clinton.

.Thousands of young people believe Bernie offers hope for their future and that of the planet, and they swell the voting ranks.

.Bernie's judgement is above reproach, and he used that judgement to vote against the Iraq war and foresee its disastrous after-effects. His judgement is also evident in his position against the destructive trade agreements that have so damaged our job market and economy.

.Bernie's campaign has indebted him to no one except the thousands of supporters who believe in him.

Throughout the campaign, Bernie has been the stronger candidate against any Republican. That is especially true now when he is pitted against Trump. What is frightening is that the most recent polls have shown Trump tied with or even leading Clinton. Bernie outpaces Trump in every matchup. It is important to remember that Republicans have an intense dislike for Hillary Clinton, which means they will come out in huge numbers to defeat her. We need a candidate who can bring out even greater numbers to defeat Trump....Bernie Sanders.

Please consider these very logical points that clearly show Bernie as the more electable candidate. Vote for and elect the "People's President" - Bernie Sanders

Thank you for your attention.
Anne Harper