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(page updated November 23, 2015; addition June 9, 2016)


      People for Bernie Sanders

Co-Founder  Charles Lenchner

Charles Lenchner is a political and digital marketing consultant and the Executive Director of Organizing 2.0. He is co-founder of People for Bernie, an independent effort in support of Bernie Sanders that began in April 2015. Previously, he was a founder of Ready for Warren, digital director for the Zephyr Teachout campaign, and digital director of the Working Families Party. Charles lives in Brooklyn with his partner and two sectarian communist cats.

Co-Founder and Internet MOM of #FeelTheBern  Winnie Wong

Winnie Wong is a radical media maker, internet activist and founding organizer of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy.
In the Spring of 2014, she helped to launch Ready For Warren. In the Spring of 2015, she co-founded People For Bernie 2016, and created the viral political hashtag: #FeelTheBern. As a professional concern troll, she is never NOT theorizing the cultural hegemony.

National Digital Director  Katherine Brezler

For the last decade she has been working on education policy improvement projects. Most recently she was part of nation wide organizing for the opt out movement. From early anti-war demonstrations to single payer health care organizing Katherine has worked tirelessly to advocate for the 99% and she joins this team's leadership to organize a nation wide movement both online and offline.

National Digital Director  Brett Banditelli

Brett Banditelli has been organizing the internet since usenet and spends most of his time teaching workers how to occupy the streets, their workplaces, and the world wide web. He helped maintain the second longest occupation in the nation for over a year and two months. Brett holds up the mightiness of the #FightFor15, #WalkmartStrikers and #FeelTheBern hashtags all across OUR internets.

Organizer (Women For Bernie)  Portia A. Boulger

Portia A. Boulger is a grassroots activist who has fought for unions, women's and human rights for over 40 years. She is active in national and statewide politics and serves on the Ross County Democratic Party executive committee. Portia is a team member of Women for Bernie Sanders and runs their Twitter account.

Co-Founder (Women For Bernie)  Pat Downs

Pat Downs is a retired librarian who's spent the last 20 years leveraging resources and building community in libraries. She's created award-winning jobs and volunteer programs for foster youth and teens. A writer and trainer, Pat is a co-founder of Women for Bernie Sanders and is currently serving as their main FB administrator.

National Organizer (Millenials For Bernie, People For Bernie)  Moumita Ahmed

Moumita is a 25 year old political activist, community organizer, nature lover, and dirt-worshiper. She has experience in field organizing and volunteer coordinating for Campaigns throughout NY State and worked on Zephyr Teachout's campaign for Governor. Moumita is the lead organizer for Millennials for Bernie and is also the National Grassroots Coordinator for People For Bernie.

Digital Organizer, People For Bernie  Caleb-Michael Files

Caleb-Michael is a strategist working on Social and Digital Strategy. Caleb-Michael resides in Astoria, New York by way of Knob Noster, Missouri. A Socialist at heart he is stoked to be able to give back by working to elect Bernie.

Vets For Bernie, Director  Tyson Manker

Tyson Manker is an attorney, adjunct professor, social activist, and former Marine Corps infantryman combat veteran of Iraq.
Earlier this year, Tyson created the pro-Sanders group ‘Vets For Bernie’ ( as a way for veterans and active-duty service members to connect and get involved in the election. He then worked with the campaign to craft an online letter for military men and women to pledge their support. Several thousand veterans have already signed on...  Beyond organizing, VFB works to give veterans a voice by amplifying their support for Senator Sanders. For that purpose, VFB maintains a streamlined media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest, which is administrated by dozens of veteran and civilian volunteers. Soon, Bernie2016TV will begin broadcasting a regular ‘Vets For Bernie’ program...   Tyson can be reached at

Co-Founder (Women For Bernie)  Jenni Siri

Jenni Siri is a freelance graphic artist with a BFA in Visual Communications. She is a political activist with primary interests in women's rights, environmentalism and getting money out of politics. Jenni is a co-founder, organizer and artistic director for Women for Bernie Sanders.

Organizer (People For Bernie) Maximilian Cotterill

Max is a rising senior at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) majoring in Political Science- Public Policy and History. He began his activist career during high school joining Mark Takano's 1st successful campaign in Congress. Since then, Max has engaged in advancing progress through a variety of of means; serving as a Delegate to the CA Democratic Party, member of the San Diego Central Committee, founder of a youth-centric Super PAC, and grassroots organizing of students against the creeping privatization of public education. Max aims to continues CCD's long legacy of electing Democrats across the state-- but more importantly aims to effectively advocate and ensure that elected Democrats stay true to our progressive values.

Lead Organizer, African Americans For Bernie, People For Bernie  Stan Williams

Stan Williams is a organizing director for the Organization of Staff Analyst Union in New York City. He is a logistics and support specialist, providing assistance to many movements notably Occupy Wall Street and Millions March NYC, the largest Civil Rights action this decade. You can reach him at or on Twitter at @stanlwilliams.

Media Consultant People for Bernie  Patricia Brooks

Patricia Brooks has been pitching the media on progressive issues on a daily-basis for over twelve years. During her career, she has earned coverage in nearly every major national print, television, radio and online outlet, and she has facilitated front page articles for multiple clients in the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today. She has worked on over 100 media relations campaigns and offered strategic communications consultancy for dozens of non-profit clients including ActionAid USA, The Wilderness Society, and Potomac Conservancy. She focuses on issues such as economic justice, criminal justice system reform, access to mental health care, climate change, food security, and racial and gender equality.  She lives in Washington DC with her husband, Stefan, but grew up in Avon Lake, Ohio, the daughter/ granddaughter of United Auto Workers Employees at the local Ford Motor Company.

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Also see Mar. 29, 2016 FEC complaint filed by American Democracy Legal Fund.

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The creators of are regular people who individually, and now collectively, are inspired by Bernie Sanders’ campaign for presidency of the United States. We span the socioeconomic and political spectrums, and are located across the country — and globe!

We came together because we wanted to make clear his record on and plans to address the most important issues affecting our communities, nation, and planet. Bernie has an extensive record in public service, so this project turned into a rather monumental group effort that’s mobilized over 125 unpaid volunteers (and counting).

Our researchers, writers, editors, fact-checkers, designers, developers, and organizers have worked hard to create and share this resource. We endeavored to make every issue easy to understand by anyone curious enough to learn more, and to make sure every fact is linked to a legitimate outside source. Learn more about why clear political messaging is so important, and how this informed this site’s creation.

We’ll be updating the website throughout the campaign so that it includes the most accurate information. Please contact us with suggestions for edits and updates, or if you want to join our effort.

While this website is about Bernie Sanders, as he himself often says, this campaign isn’t about him — it’s about you.

In that spirit, here are some words our group shared to describe themselves. You’ll see we’re a diverse group of humans — in political-speak you’d call us a “broad coalition” — and at least a few of these words probably describe you too:

Veteran Grandfather Climate scientist Paraprofessional Student debtor Formerly homeless person CEO Republican
Graphic designer
Lapsed Catholic Orthodox Rabbi Bad golfer Nurse practitioner Corporate tax attorney Novelist Mother Father High-schooler Expat Teacher Brian Eno fan Agnostic Jew Graduate student Lesbian Australian Small business owner
Public defender Latina Unitarian Universalist Builder-contractor Libertarian Special education teacher Retired obstetrician Black Accountant Psychotherapist Farmer’s daughter Registered independent Naturalized citizen School administrator
Deaf person Social worker Southerner Playwright Naval officer Struggling musician Policy professional Queer Archaeologist
First-time voter Medical resident Oklahoma football fan Digital marketer Wealth manager Deadhead Winemaker Programmer Sportswriter Bagpipe player Mathematician Big dreamer Vietnamese-American Buddhist Middle child Kindergarten educator
Fashion designer
Non-profit fundraiser Singer Project Manager Writer Eastern Orthodox Jazz musician Athlete Endocrinologist
Lawyer Recovering addict Immigrant Civil rights activist Survivor Midwife Sculptor Chef Foster kid Democrat Producer Psych undergrad Theater artist Biracial American Human