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From: Simone Ward, Florida State Director, Hillary for America

Date: Monday, October 24, 2016


The day has arrived – in-person early voting begins today in many counties across the state of Florida. After more than a year of hard work, Hillary for Florida stands more prepared, organized and energized than ever as we enter our final phase of the campaign: Get Out The Vote.

Our organizers and thousands of volunteers have been able to build a game-winning ground operation designed to engage, register, and turn out Florida’s expansive and diverse electorate. We feel confident that we will deliver the state of Florida for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ticket, but realize there’s much more work to be done.

What We’ve Accomplished:

• Democrats successfully outpaced Republicans in registering new voters, therefore expanding our electorate. In this year alone, nearly 754,000 new voters were added to the rolls, of which 259,000 were Democrats and 206,000 Republicans- giving Democrats a seven point advantage.

In fact, Democrats have added nearly 692,000 new voters to the rolls since 2012 versus 593,000 Republicans – and the trends continue to go upward in our favor.

• Moreover, Democrats have made significant gains in diversifying the state’s electorate. In October 2012, Florida’s electorate was 67 percent white versus 64 percent in 2016 – a 3 percent drop. Similarly, in 2012 the electorate was 33 percent was comprised of non-white voters versus 36 percent non-white voters today.

• Lastly - despite earlier reports – during the final months of voter registration Democrats outpaced Republicans in re-registration (party switchers), with September welcoming nearly 13,000 more Democratic voters

• As we kick off the first day of in-person early vote in numerous counties across Florida, over 1 million voters have cast their votes and another 2.2 million requested their vote-by-mail ballots.Democrats made history this year by closing the Republican advantage in vote-by-mail ballot requests and returns – roughly 406,000 Democrats have returned their ballots versus 421,000 Republican ballots, a less than one percent gap (compared to the five percent difference in 2012).

• Hillary for Florida and the Florida Democratic Party have 82 field offices statewide that have served as hubs for volunteers to register thousands of Florida voters and will now be centers for our campaign’s turnout operation. These offices will train and launch more than 90,000 volunteers to hit the doors in communities across Florida, so voters can exercise their right to vote during the Early Vote period and on Election Day.

The Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Operation that Will Deliver Florida:

Hillary for Florida’s robust ground operation will focus all of its energy on ensuring every possible supporter of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic ticket casts a vote in the 2016 election. Voting in Florida has never been easier – as in-person early voting begins, eligible Florida residents have three voting methods at their disposal: voting by mail, in-person early voting, and in-person voting on Election Day, November 8th.

For the final 15 days until Election Day, our organizers and volunteers will:

• Knock on millions of doors across the state to contact targeted voters and educate them on their options to cast their ballot. With three options to cast their vote, our campaign will ensure that voters have an opportunity to make their voices heard in this election.

• Expand our presence in communities across the state by launching “staging locations”-- local hubs where volunteers come together to go out and knock doors, make phone calls and reach out to fellow Floridians. These staging locations will add firepower to our existing 82 official ampaign offices, hundreds of volunteer-homes and local community gathering spaces that ensure Hillary for Florida is active in nearly every target neighborhood in the state.

• Answer tens of thousands of calls on our multilingual Voter Assistance Hotline (844- M4HILL), where volunteers will provide callers information about polling locations, hours of operation and ID requirements.

• Engage key constituency groups statewide to build excitement of in-person voting and, ultimately, Election Day including:

o Three bus tours with Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) members, Mayors for Hillary, and President Bill Clinton.

o “Get Out the Early Vote” concerts with Jennifer Lopez and Jon Bon Jovi in Miami and Tampa, respectively.

o College campus GOTV shuttle program to drive student voters to the nearest early vote sites through this early voting period.

o “Happy Birthday, Hillary!” events to celebrate Hillary’s birthday by encouraging supporters to cast their vote early.

o “Souls to the Polls” program where hundreds of Florida’s faith leaders and congregants will push their fellow worshipers to vote on Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Election Day.

o Caravanas and block parties to where neighbors will “March to the Polls” together to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ticket.

With more people voting than ever before, this year’s election will prove to be a historic one. From now until Election Day, Hillary for Florida will host nearly a hundred early voting events, launch tens of thousands of volunteer canvassing and phonebanking shifts, and knock on millions of doors in nearly every neighborhood in the state.

On the first day of in-person early vote, our Florida operation is more prepared than ever to turn out our supporters, deliver the state, and ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes the next president of the United States.