March 22, 2016

Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11) today endorsed Donald Trump for president:

“Like millions of Americans, I want our next president to be a leader who fights for the American people and gets things done, not a politician who tries to say all the right things but will never be able to deliver on more broken promises. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has proven that he is the leader our country needs to change the way Washington does business, and I am proud to give my full endorsement and support to his candidacy. I think that Donald Trump has the ability to attract Democrats and Independents who are frustrated with Washington and is our best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

“Americans are frustrated that Washington has turned its back on them. Both Republicans and Democrats are tired of Congress working for special interests instead of the national interest, and talking about our nation’s problems instead of fixing them. I share these frustrations. I came to Congress to work for the American people, not just do or say things that please the Washington structure.

“When I was Mayor of Hazleton, I introduced the first law of its kind cracking down on illegal immigration. Since coming to Congress, I have continued to lead the fight to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws. Donald Trump was criticized, the same way I was criticized, when he addressed this important issue. I hope that together we can tackle this critical national security challenge and stand up for working Americans.

“As I have said before, I am discouraged that certain members of the Republican Party have spent more time trying to figure out how to stop Donald Trump than they have trying to understand why he is so popular in the first place. Voters are smart. We need to listen to the voters instead of elitists trying to tell us right from wrong. In state after state, voters have made it clear that they want change and are tired of the way things are being done in Washington. I think Donald Trump is the best person to bring the change that Americans are demanding.”