Lawyer Insulted by Donald Trump Forms Super PAC; Will Release Series of Viral Videos

First Film Aimed at Super Tuesday Voters Focuses on Black Lives Matter Movement

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Lawyer Insulted by Donald Trump Over Breast Milk Pumping Comments Forms “Do the Right Thing” Super-PAC; Group Will Release Series of Videos Encouraging Voters to Vote with Their Conscience

MIAMI – February 29, 2016 – A team of concerned South Florida lawyers have created a unique super-PAC that will focus on grass-roots efforts to educate and mobilize voters during the 2016 presidential campaign called “Do the Right Thing.” The political action committee has released the first in a series of videos asking Super Tuesday voters to examine the issues facing America seriously and vote with their conscience. The video can be viewed here:
“Do the Right Thing” was launched by Miami lawyers Elizabeth Beck and her husband, Jared. Beck recently made national headlines after she was insulted by Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump during a deposition for a lawsuit over a failed real estate project.  When Beck excused herself during the hearing to pump breast milk for her newborn baby, Trump erupted and he called her "disgusting" during his tirade.
“Trump’s behavior was inappropriate and calls into question his ability to be an effective representative of the people,” said Beck. “We want to send a strong message to the candidates and to the voters by creating a new kind of super PAC for a new era.”
Jared Beck added that “Do the Right Thing” is the only truly progressive and independent grassroots super-PAC that will not serve the narrow interests of corporate America and the wealthy.  
“Anyone can contribute to help us serve our mission of educating voters on the real issues so they can make informed decisions,” said Beck. “We will continue produce a series of short informative videos directed by cutting-edge independent filmmakers. We want our message to clear and reach as many people as possible across the nation.”
The first video, which compares and contrasts Democrat presidential hopefuls Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ views on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, was created by award-winning filmmaker Dan DeVivo who is known for producing compelling and thought-provoking social justice documentaries. His major projects include “Crossing Arizona,” which examines the policies, politics, and human tragedy that make Arizona a major flashpoint in the debate over illegal immigration; “ARIZONA: State of Fear,” a 30-minute documentary questions the ethics and political motivations behind the criminalization of Arizona's Latino community; and “Two Americans,” A character driven documentary that follows the parallel stories of America’s “toughest sheriff” Joe Arpaio and Katherine Figueroa, the nine-year-old daughter of undocumented immigrants arrested in one of the sheriff's workplace raids. As a Fulbright Fellow, the Harvard University alum researched the development of the Jordanian film industry at the Royal Film Commission.
Beck said future videos will focus on important subject matters such as the economy, unemployment, federal debt, immigration, income gap, corporate corruption, racism/diversity, violent crime, and foreign trade.
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