August 25, 2016

Digital Agency Parallax Raises US Presidential Campaign Awareness With "Topple Trump" Game Launch

LEEDS, England, August 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Topple Trump ( ) is an awareness-raising tool, a slice of satire and an appeal to common sense disguised as fun and beautifully-designed interactive game. In a digital attempt to stop him in his tracks and build consciousness around his outrageous candidacy; the 25 person-strong agency is fighting the fight with today's democratic-favouring game launch.

The idea sparked after the usual absurd, irrational statements made by US Presidential candidate Donald Trump started to raise general concern amongst the Parallax team.

"I was at home watching the news and - unsurprisingly - Donald Trump was on. And as per usual, he said something insanely ridiculous. I thought to myself, 'he could literally say anything he wants and he'd probably get away with it'. Which made me think - would it be possible to tell the difference between true statements and false ones?" - Andy Fitch, Parallax Director and lead developer on the project, proposed the idea at the quarterly Parallax Hack Day, and after just a few days it quickly developed into a priority project pulling in each department at various stages of the project.

Looking at the technical development and build, Topple Trump also holds claim to the use of new and innovative tech, a practice the agency applies to every project and is slowly becoming renowned for across the UK.  

"The vast majority of the website is JavaScript, with separate quiz, question, cookie, loading, map, sound, timer, animations and voiceover modules all interacting with each other." Andy continues. "We've implemented some really cool tech along the way, including a forked version of ReadAlong.js for the answer text highlighting, which we've married up to every word in every quote in the quiz'.

Topple Trump highlights just a handful of Donald Trump's disturbing campaign quotes; Parallax created the game to shed some light during difficult times and hope to potentially influence the polls.


Note to editors 

Game instructions

Topple Trump - How to play: 

  1. Topple Trump displays an incomplete line from Donald Trump's list of remarkable quotes.
  2. Users choose the answer that completes each of Trump's ill-judged comments.
  3. The right answers gain points for the Democrats.
  4. The wrong answers gain points for the Republicans.
  5. Just like the real electoral college system, the majority of the 538 available votes.
  6. The party that reaches 270 points first, wins.

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