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Republican National Committee


TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Sean Spicer, RNC Chief Strategist and Communications Director, and Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor, Donald J. Trump for President
RE: The State Of The Race With Eight Days To Go
DATE: October 31, 2016
Friday's news of the FBI continuing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails is a shocking development that shows yet again how reckless Clinton was in setting up a secret email server that jeopardized classified information. But this revelation aside, let’s look at the factors that have been shifting the race in Donald Trump’s favor, even before Friday’s news.
I.                 ObamaCare Is Still Proving To Be A Disaster

             The “Affordable” Care Act has proven to be anything but. As state exchanges keep collapsing and more and more insurance companies say “no thanks,” ObamaCare’s great legacy for millions of Americans is unaffordable coverage and fewer provider options. Just this past week, the Obama Administration announced it expects dramatic premium hikes for consumers in many states next year. Hillary Clinton has for years touted herself as the architect of ObamaCare, but with many American families suffering financial hardship as a result of this botched healthcare law, millions of voters are not eager to see a president promising to use the ObamaCare trainwreck as a foundation for more failed progressive experiments with our healthcare system.
II.                  Further Disclosures Of Clinton, Inc.
             Not to be lost amidst the FBI’s announcement and John Podesta’s emails is the ongoing proof of the Clintons brazenly using politics for personal gain. Clinton gatekeeper Doug Band’s internal memo entitled “Bill Clinton, Inc.,” is a smoking gun for how the Clintons very explicitly used the Clinton Foundation’s charitable endeavors in a seedy and transactional manner to ink lucrative deals to enrich themselves. This memo comes on top of other revelations of the Clinton pay-to-play machine, such as how the Clinton State Department steered Haiti relief effort contracts to Clinton allies and how top Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe organized fundraisers which netted the wife of the FBI’s deputy director $675,000 for her political campaign. With the FBI investigation and constant disclosures of rampant pay-to-pay corruption not going away anytime soon, Hillary Clinton would be Richard Nixon 2.0: a president preoccupied with years of investigations, and thus sorely limited in her ability to do her job.
III.              Polls Are Moving Toward Trump 

             Polls are a snapshot in time of where a race stands, and in just the last two weeks, there’s been a healthy shift in enthusiasm for Donald Trump and Mike Pence in national and state polling. This is a change election and Donald Trump is the only candidate who can deliver it. He is within the margin of error in nearly every major poll. We have the wind at our back in every state, and the late-breaking momentum in Donald Trump’s direction is a favorable indicator of how the race will shake out on Election Day.
IV.              Absentee And Early Voting

               The RNC has put a new emphasis on driving early vote turnout this cycle and as a result our 2016 numbers are vastly outperforming what we did in 2012. Amidst all the speculation about what moves a race, it is still votes and voters who ultimately decide who wins, and Democrats are suffering a drop off in the early vote numbers that they have traditionally depended on for victory. This year we are outperforming Romney while Dems are underperforming Obama in crucial battleground states. We’ve substantially closed the gap with Democrats and capitalized on many voters’ enthusiasm for Donald Trump by getting them to the polls early:
V.                  A Movement Mentality  
             Mr. Trump’s voters understand they are part of a new political movement that gives a bigger voice to ordinary Americans. He has been turning out tens of thousands of supporters for events across the country, while Clinton has routinely struggled to assemble events with half his crowd size. There is something going on here – a true grassroots movement and a dedicated support base that stands in stark contrast to the problems Clinton is having turning out key portions of the Obama coalition. Even as the final days of the campaign draw near new people are still eager to climb aboard.

With eight days to go in this race, Hillary Clinton would be foolish to start measuring the drapes in the White House. Between new exposure of the corrupt Clinton pay-to-play culture, our improved early vote numbers, and millions of voters who want change breaking late for Donald Trump, this race is anything but over.