April 30, 2016


(Knoxville, TN) April 30th, 2016 - Today, Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr., one of the most senior Republicans in the House and the only Republican remaining in Congress who voted against the Iraq War today endorsed Donald Trump for President.

“With only four percent of the world’s population, we buy 25 percent of the world’s goods. Every country wants into our markets. We have tremendous leverage on trade we have not used. Donald Trump will do that.”

“With 58 percent of the people in this world having to get by on less than $4.00 a day, hundreds of millions want to come here. Our economy and infrastructure could not handle all these people, and this means our immigration laws must be enforced. Donald Trump will do that.”

“Finally, almost all Americans now believe it has been a horrible mistake to spend trillions fighting no-win wars in the Middle East. We must start rebuilding our own Country. Donald Trump will do that.”

“For all these reasons, I enthusiastically endorse Donald Trump for President.”

"I am pleased to have the support of Representative Duncan (TN) who is one of the most fiscally conservative Members of the House. If more Members voted like Rep. Duncan, we wouldn't be wasting trillions of the taxpayer dollars in foreign countries," said Trump.