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Donald J. Trump Announces County Chairs in New Hampshire

(New York, NY) May 21, 2015 – Donald J. Trump today announced the members of his New Hampshire Leadership team, with representatives from all ten New Hampshire counties. In addition to the robust leadership team unveiled today, Mr. Trump has four full-time staffers in the Granite State and an office based in Manchester.

Donald J. Trump said, “I’m proud to announce these individuals that share my passion for the country and understand that now is the time for executive leadership and real action. Together we can Make America Great Again!”

Mr. Trump continues to visit New Hampshire regularly where he has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response when speaking to record crowds. Mr. Trump is expected to return to New Hampshire several times over the summer to meet with and listen to residents from around the state as well as his newly established leadership team.

Rockingham County Co- Chair, Lou Gargiulo, added, "I am honored to be supporting Donald Trump as he continues to seriously and actively explore a potential Presidential candidacy. His in-depth business experience in this race is truly a staggering and exciting event. His reputation for business is known around the world, and has a proven record for knowing how to create tens of thousands of jobs. I look forward to hearing his perspectives on business, world events, and other important topics in the coming months."
Background on Donald J. Trump’s New Hampshire Leadership Team:

Belknap County
Chair- Josh Youssef
Vice-Chair- Ben Wilson
Carroll County
Chair- Nate Sullivan
Vice-Chair- Zac Mercauto
Cheshire County
Chair- Gregory Johnson
Coos County
Co-Chair- Jack Riendeau
Co-Chair-Sandra Riendeau
Grafton County
Chair- Raul Cervantes
Hillsborough County
Chair- Ellen Suprunowicz-Stepanek
Vice-Chair- Tony Mayfield
Merrimack County
Co-Chair- Rick Cibotti
Co-Chair- Debbie Cibotti
Rockingham County
Co-Chair- Lou Gargiulo
Co-Chair- Mary A. Gargiulo
Strafford County
Chair- Karen L. Warburton
Sullivan County
Co-Chair- Cynthia Howard
Co-Chair- Phil Howard

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