Controversy Over Remarks on Mexicans

June 25, 2015

Statement from the Entertainment Division of Univision Communications Inc. on June 25, 2015

Today, the entertainment division of Univision Communications Inc. announced that it is ending the Company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants. At Univision, we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country. We will not be airing the Miss USA pageant on July 12th or working on any other projects tied to the Trump Organization.

Univision News and the local news division will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of all candidates, including Mr. Trump, to ensure our audience continues to have access to all points of view.


Hoy, la división de entretenimiento de Univision Communications Inc., anunció que la empresa está poniendo fin a su relación comercial con la Miss Universe Organization, que pertenece en parte a Donald J. Trump, como consecuencia de sus comentarios ofensivos sobre los inmigrantes mexicanos. En Univision, vemos de primera mano la ética laboral, amor por la familia y sólidos valores religiosos de los inmigrantes mexicanos y estadounidenses de origen mexicano, como también el importante papel que han tenido y siguen teniendo en forjar un futuro para nuestro país. No trasmitiremos el concurso Miss USA el 12 de julio ni trabajaremos en ningún otro proyecto asociado a la Trump Organization.

Noticias Univision y la división de noticias locales continuarán ofreciendo cobertura integral de todos los candidatos, incluido el Sr. Trump, a fin de asegurar que nuestra audiencia siga teniendo acceso a todos los puntos de vista.


The Trump Organization

Donald J. Trump’s Statement on Univision 

The Mexican government and others are putting tremendous pressure on Univision to break their signed and fully effective contract with the Miss Universe Organization because Mr. Trump has been exposing to the public, and the world, the significant damage that is being done at the southern border, and the terrible and costly trade deals that the United States is  incompetently making with Mexico (these deals are great for Mexico and horrible for the United States). This has been sharply and openly brought out during Mr. Trump’s run for President of the United States. "Mexican leadership has been doing serious damage to the United States by out-negotiating our representatives and political leaders.  They are taking our jobs, taking our money and at the same time hurting us at the border with illegals from all over the world freely flowing into our country."  Mr. Trump cannot be silenced on this very important problem for the United States. I have great respect for Mexico and love the Mexican people, but my loyalty is to the United States and making our country great again!
Donald J. Trump

The Trump Organization

Text of Letter [PDF]

June 26, 2015

Mr. Randy Falco
Univision Communications Inc.
605 Third Avenue
New York, New York 10158

Dear Randy,

Please be advised that under no circumstances is any officer or representative of Univision allowed to use Trump National Doral, Miami--its golf courses or any of its facilities. Also, please immediately stop work and close the gate which is being constructed between our respective properties. If this is not done within one week, we will close it.

Also, it's too bad you didn't have the courage to call me yourself instead of delegating the task to Beau.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Donald J. Trump

P.S.  Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over. We are bringing jobs back to the U.S. Also, a meaningful border will be immediately created, not the laughingstock that currently exists.

Response to president of Programming and Content for Univision Networks Alberto Ciurana from Donald J. Trump:


Alberto Ciurana issued an apology to me late last night. Apology not accepted. I call for his resignation as president of Univision and Univision should not be allowed to host the Presidential debate. It is a total conflict of interest.


Donald J. Trump

NBC Universal
June 29, 2015


At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.

Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.

To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC.

In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in “The Apprentice” on NBC.

“Celebrity Apprentice” is licensed from Mark Burnett's United Artists Media Group and that relationship will continue.

The Trump Organization
June 29, 2015

Donald J. Trump Statement on Relationship with NBC

As of today, Donald J. Trump is no longer affiliated with NBC. Mr. Trump stands by his statements on illegal immigration, which are accurate. NBC is weak, and like everybody else is trying to be politically correct--- that is why our country is in serious trouble.
Mr. Trump says, “We must have strong borders and not let illegal immigrants enter the United States. As has been stated continuously in the press, people are pouring across our borders unabated. Public reports routinely state great amounts of crime are being committed by illegal immigrants. This must be stopped and it must be stopped now. Long ago I told NBC that I would not being doing The Apprentice because I am running for President in order to Make our Country Great Again.”
Mr. Trump continued, “If NBC is so weak and so foolish to not understand the serious illegal immigration problem in the United States, coupled with the horrendous and unfair trade deals we are making with Mexico, then their contract violating closure of Miss Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court. Furthermore, they will stand behind lying Brian Williams, but won’t stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.”
Donald J. Trump

The Trump Organization
June 30, 2015

Donald J. Trump Files $500 Million Suit Against Univision

(New York, NY) June 30th, 2015 –Today, Donald J. Trump, owner of the Miss Universe Organization (“MUO”), filed a $500 million lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against Univision Networks & Studios, Inc. (“Univision”) arising from Univision’s decision last week to abruptly terminate its contract with MUO and not broadcast the upcoming Miss USA pageant scheduled to take place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 12, 2015. 
Under the contract, Univision is required to broadcast the pageant live on television in Spanish.  While Univision claims its decision came solely in response to comments by Mr. Trump during a June 16, 2015 campaign speech announcing his candidacy for President of the United States, the decision was, in reality, a politically motivated attempt to suppress Mr. Trump’s freedom of speech under the First Amendment as he begins to campaign for the nation’s presidency.  Prior to violating the contract, a high ranking Univision executive called and apologized to Mr. Trump explaining that the company's actions were wrong and that they felt ashamed. Aside from this conversation, the only written notice received by Mr. Trump to date has been in the form of a press release Univision widely distributed to the media.
Mr. Trump says, “Nothing that I stated was different from what I have been saying for many years. I want strong borders, and I do not support or condone illegal immigration. There is a high level of crime occurring in this country due to unchecked illegal immigration. This is a major security issue for the United States. Additionally, the terrible trade deals our government is routinely entering into with Mexico are causing great financial harm to our country.  We are losing a huge number of jobs, manufacturing opportunities and money due to poorly negotiated trade deals, a fact that undisputable.  That won’t happen if I become president--- this disturbing trend will end and it will end quickly.”
Mr. Trump continued, “I have great respect for Mexico and love for the Mexican people and their tremendous spirit! However, their leaders and trade negotiators are far smarter than those representing the United States, and our citizens and economy are suffering greatly as a result. We have to remedy the situation and do it fast. These have long been my views and I have the courage, unlike many others, to express them. As a consequence of their inappropriate actions, Univision and NBC have abandoned fifty one wonderful young women who have come from all over the United States to pursue their dream of being crowned Miss USA. Their participation in this globally renowned pageant has come at great cost and after years of sacrifice and hard work. NBC and Univision have wronged them greatly. Mr. Trump added, “I want to tell these contestants that the show will go on and I will be in Baton Rouge on July 12th to support them.” 
Alan Garten, Esq. Petition

Tell Macy's: Dump Donald Trump

To be delivered to Terry J. Lundgren, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Director, and President at Macy's, Inc.

Petition Statement

Macy's: Donald Trump does not reflect "the magic of Macy's." We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy's says it has a strong obligation to be "socially responsible" and that "actions speak louder than words." Indeed. It's time to act.

There are currently 728,494 signatures. NEW goal - We need 750,000 signatures!

Petition Background

Donald Trump has officially entered the 2016 presidential race and will be vying for the Republican party's nomination. Since announcing, Donald Trump has attacked Mexican immigrants as "rapists" and "killers."

Following these attacks, Univision announced that it was ending its partnership with Donald Trump and would not air Miss USA pageant. NBC later followed suit announcing that it was severing all ties with Donald Trump. In its statement, NBC made it clear that Donald Trump's brand of bigoted bullying is simply inconsistent with the values that NBC represents.

However, Macy's has been silent. But Macy's has an even stronger relationship with Trump than NBC. It's time for Macy's to follow Univision's and NBC's lead and finally dump Trump.


Macy's has a special deal with Donald Trump. Trump is their de facto spokesperson. They invest in developing Trump's brand, promote him in advertising, and sell his clothing line and fragrance at their locations. In the past, they have held major Trump-focused events at Macy's Herald Square.

Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren sent Donald Trump a letter touting how excited Macy's was to be working with Trump and promised to expand Trump's brand even further.

Now that Trump is a presidential candidate, Macy's should not be supporting Trump like this.

And furthermore, Macy's should not be celebrating Donald Trump.

Donald Trump engages in especially unpleasant, nasty, and despicable behavior. He has:

- Long engaged in sexist behavior. Trump has a long record of personally attacking women he disagrees with by calling them unattractive, ugly, or fat. He once sent a woman a note telling her that she has the "face of a dog." Not even his own daughter is immune to Trump's sexism. While speaking about his daughter, Trump observed: "She does have a very nice figure ... if [she] weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."

- Hypocritically complained about jobs being shipped overseas, despite the fact that products in his Macy's clothing line are made in China and other Asian nations.

- Use his public platform to deny the reality of climate change. Following Hurricane Sandy, Trump publicly declared: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

- Perpetuated the racially-charged birther conspiracy, repeatedly arguing that President Obama has been lying and was not born in the United States.

The list goes on. But the point remains, Macy's should dump Trump.

Macy's boasts about its social responsibility policy, which reads: "There is no shortage of talk about the obligation of public companies to be socially responsible to the people and communities where they do business. At Macy’s, Inc., we hold those same beliefs – along with a belief that actions speak louder than words when it comes to helping tackle some of the toughest problems facing us today."

Indeed, Macy's. Actions speak louder than words. So, act and dump Trump.

The Trump Organization
July 1, 2015

Donald Trump Statement on Macy's

I have decided to terminate my relationship with Macy’s because of the pressure being put on them by outside sources. While selling Trump ties and shirts at Macy’s is a small business in terms of dollar volume, my principles are far more important and therefore much more valuable.  I have never been happy about the fact that the ties and shirts are made in China, and should I start a new product line somewhere in the future, I would insist that they are made in America. Quite frankly, I was never satisfied with manufacturing my product in China, but because of what they’ve done in terms of devaluing their currency, it is very hard for other companies to compete and make such apparel in the United States. These are the kinds of issues I am committed to addressing. Securing our border, negotiating trade deals that benefit the United States and bringing jobs back to America is my top priority.
I have always said that if you are successful, it is very hard to run for office, especially the office of President. I have also continually stated that I am not beholden to anyone and this includes NBC and Macy’s. Clearly, NBC and Macy’s support illegal immigration, which is totally detrimental to the fabric of our once great country. Both Macy’s and NBC totally caved at the first sight of potential difficulty with special interest groups who are nothing more than professional agitators, who are not looking out for the people they purport to represent, but only for themselves. It is people like this that are actually running our country because our leaders are weak and ineffective.
If elected, I will greatly strengthen our border, making it impenetrable, putting a stop to illegal immigration once and for all. I will bring jobs back to the United States--- I will Make America Great Again!
Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
July 1, 2015

President Obama Admits “Gang-Bangers” Are Crossing Our Border

Donald Trump Calls For Immediate Action on Border Security

(New York, NY) July 1, 2015--- Today, at a town hall event in Nashville, Tennessee, President Barrack Obama referred to some illegal immigrants as “gang-bangers”.  President Obama’s quote in its entirety is below:
“We should not be encouraging illegal immigration,” he remarked to the group. “What we should be doing is setting up a smart legal immigration system that doesn’t separate families but does focus on making sure that people who are dangerous, people who are, you know, gang-bangers, who are criminals that we’re deporting as quickly as possible.”- Breitbart
Mr. Trump has repeatedly provided additional context to his remarks from June 16th, 2015 during which he addressed the severely detrimental effects of illegal immigration and described some of the issues that are brought to the United States as a result, much like President Obama has done today.
“There are few occasions on which I agree with statements made by President Obama, however, his statement today reflects the serious problems associated with illegal immigration and the inability of politicians to secure our borders.    We must continue to vigorously fight to protect the United States and Make America Great Again!” 
The media and others have attempted to distort Mr. Trump’s remarks and portray him as a racist, when his remarks are far less controversial than President Obama’s. It is our expectation that the media responds to President Obama with the same vitriolic manor for his statement made earlier today.  Where is the outcry from the liberal mainstream media demanding an apology from the President? 
Clearly, Mr. Trump’s position is shared by many and is in no way intended to be interpreted as racist, or as a generalization about one particular country or its people.  It is merely taking a stance on a position that greatly affects all American citizens, our economy and safety, each of which will continue to be cornerstones of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

Mr. Trump added, “Make our borders strong and stop illegal immigration.”
Press Contact:
Hope Hicks

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
July 6, 2015

Statement from Donald J. Trump:

I don’t see how there is any room for misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the statement I made on June 16th during my Presidential announcement speech.

Here is what I said, and yet this statement is deliberately distorted by the media:

“When Mexico (meaning the Mexican Government) sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you (pointing to the audience). They’re not sending you (pointing again). They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people! But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.”

What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc. This was evident just this week when, as an example, a young woman in San Francisco was viciously killed by a 5 time deported Mexican with a long criminal record, who was forced back into the United States because they didn’t want him in Mexico. This is merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the United States. In other words, the worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government. The largest suppliers of heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs are Mexican cartels that arrange to have Mexican immigrants trying to cross the borders and smuggle in the drugs. The Border Patrol knows this. Likewise, tremendous infectious disease is pouring across the border. The United States has become a dumping ground for Mexico and, in fact, for many other parts of the world. On the other hand, many fabulous people come in from Mexico and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally. I am proud to say that I know many hard working Mexicans—many of them are working for and with me...and, just like our country, my organization is better for it.

The Mexican Government wants an open border as long as it’s a ONE WAY open border into the United States. Not only are they killing us at the border, but they are killing us on trade ... and the country of Mexico is making billions of dollars in doing so.

I have great respect for Mexico and love their people and their peoples’ great spirit. The problem is, however, that their leaders are far smarter, more cunning, and better negotiators than ours. To the citizens of the United States, who I will represent far better than anyone else as President, the Mexican government is not our friend...and why should they be when the relationship is totally one sided in their favor on both illegal immigration and trade. I have pointed this out during my speeches and it is something Mexico doesn’t want me to say. In actuality, it was only after my significant rise in the polls that Univision, previously my friend, went ballistic. I believe that my examples of bad trade deals for the United States was of even more concern to the Mexican government than my talk of border security.

I have lost a lot during this Presidential run defending the people of the United States. I have always heard that it is very hard for a successful person to run for President. Macy’s, NBC, Serta and NASCAR have all taken the weak and very sad position of being politically correct even though they are wrong in terms of what is good for our country. Univision, because 70% of their business comes from Mexico, in my opinion, is being dictated to by the Mexican Government. The last thing Mexico wants is Donald Trump as President in that I will make great trade  deals for the United States and will have an impenetrable border--only legally approved people will come through easily.
Interestingly, Univision has just announced they are attempting to go public despite very poor and even negative earnings, which is not a good situation for a successful IPO or high stock price—not to mention that I am currently suing them for breach of contract. Remember, Univision is the one who began this charade in the first place, and they are owned by one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest backers.

After the speech was made, there were numerous compliments and indeed, many rave “reviews”—there was very little criticism. It wasn’t until a week after my announcement that people started to totally distort these very easy to understand words. If there was something stated incorrectly, it would have been brought up immediately and with great enthusiasm.

The issues I have addressed, and continue to address, are vital steps to Make America Great Again! Additionally, I would be the best jobs President that God ever created. Let’s get to work!