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July 9, 2015

The Trump Campaign Releases Initial List of “Women for Trump” Coalition in New Hampshire

(New York, NY) July 9, 2015- In another sign that the Donald J. Trump for President campaign is the top tier GOP campaign, today we are proud to announce the release of the initial list of the “Women for Trump” Coalition in New Hampshire. Geographically representing all ten New Hampshire counties, the coalition comprises of over 160 politically-aware women who believe Donald Trump is the only one who will Make America Great Again.

From former councilwomen and state representatives, to current regional GOP leadership, the coalition believes that Mr. Trump’s business acumen and realistic approach to America’s problems are a winning combination.
Lori Davis, chair of the Weare GOP and Co-chair of the Coalition, enjoys Mr. Trump’s honesty, stating that he “isn’t afraid to tell the truth.” Paula Johnson, a former state representative and another Co-chair of the Coalition, adds that Mr. Trump will “create jobs and solve the illegal immigration crisis.”
It is great to see more Americans join us on our journey to the White House. Together, we will Make America Great Again!

Lori Davis Weare Chair of Weare GOP

Sandra Riendeau Colebrook Coos County Co-Chair for Trump campaign

Judith Krahulec Laconia Former Laconia city councilwoman

Jenn Coffey Concord Former state rep

Paula Johnson Nashua Former State Rep and Nashua Alderman

Ellen Stepanek- Suprunowicz Amherst Hillsborough County Chair for Trump campaign

Kathy Van Anglen Bedford Hosted house party for Mr. Trump on June 30

Mary Gargiulo Hampton Falls Rockingham County Co Chair for Trump campaign

Karen Warburton Farmington Strafford County Chair for Trump campaign

Cynthia Howard Claremont Sullivan County chair for Trump campaign

Linnie Leavines Manchester Vice Chair of Manchester City GOP Committee

Rhonda Lambert Litchfield Volunteer coordinator for Porcfest, the largest annual Free State Project event

Marianne Abany Concord

Elena Abbene Bedford

Rose Aiello Windham

Kate Aiken Manchester

Maureen Ayotte Manchester

Sara Backoff Danbury

Tonia Beauman Farmington

Lisa Becker Bedford

Pam Bellino Manchester

Karen Boelznev Manchester

Lucille Boucher Hudson

Jan Bournival Goffstown

Lynn Briggs Amherst

Paula Burbetsina Manchester

Dasha Bushmahn Manchester

Dawn Cassidy Nashua

Pamela Chick Dover

Shannon Collins Newmarket

Theresa Corriveau Nashua

Samantha Crooker Nashua

Emily Curtis Merrimack

Beka Cutter Farmington

Louiselle Daigle Bedford

Cheryl Damon Milford

Amanda Davis Epping

Lilliana DeCosta Manchester

Deborah Demarais Hudson

Cindy Densmore Claremont

Amylyn Deres Wachter Concord

Erica Dickie Farmington

Mary Donnelly Concord

Susan Douglas Weare

Diane Dwyer Bedford

Shannon Dwyer Bedford

Brenda Edwards Manchester

Kristi Eglody Manchester

Marion Elder Manchester

Amy Elliot Dover

Rachael Emadameho Manchester

Linoa Englehart Manchester

Elizabeth  Fales Concord

Sara Fallon Madison

Kimberly Farnham Lebanon

Kelly Fitzpatrick Farmington

Molly Flanagan Farmington

Phyllis Fox Boyles Mt. Vernon

Donna Frank Dover

Judy Gelinas Manchester

Debbie Georgevits Concord

Cindy Gidley Derry

Michelle Gordon Farmington

Holly Grace Concord

Gillian Gravel Manchester

Ashley Gray Alton

Deena Grondin Farmington

Kim Hardy Weare

Shari Hastings Lucey Merrimack

Rebecca Heath Manchester

Bea Heghmann Wolfeboro

Hilary Henry Manchester

Heather Hill Laconia

Kimberly Hill Concord

Donna Horvit Londonderry

BreAnna Huckins Farmington

Janice Hudson Manchester

Kaitlyn Hurd Alton

Judy Ingoldsby Alton

Barabara Ingoldsby Alton

Justess Jacobson Manchester

Elisabeth Jeffcote Windham

Stephanie Johnson Derry

Cheryl Jones Claremont

Laura Jones Somersworth

Paige Karavas Amherst

Kay Keenan Hampton

Lorraine Kollman Nashua

Cathy Lambert Nashua

Stephanie Lambert Litchfield

Enid Lawrence Londonderry

Judith Leavitt Laconia

Joy LeBlanc Manchester

Michelle Leblanc Nashua

Jolene Levesque Northwood

Alison Lewandowski Windham

Elizabeth Lewenkron Rochester

Amanda Lindsey Farmington

Tiffany Long-Bowers Weare

Noel Lyons-Baker Windham

Meredith Maczuba Tuttle Farmington

Debby Mallett Londonderry

Amanda Marcotte Farmington

Janet Marcoux Manchester

Maria Markova Concord

Eileen Marks Manchester

Nicole Martin Manchester

PG McAdams Manchester

Lacey McGraveey Manchester

Elizabeth McNally Windham

Janie Medina Hudson

Sharon Mercury Hollis

Maria Miseichowski Amherst

Paige Montanaro Windham

Suzanne Montanaro Windham

Aimme Moriarty Londonderry

Kelsey Morrison Concord

Christine Murphy Salem

Grace Nelson Manchester

Judith O'Brien Manchester

Margarita Ochea-Maya Nashua

Barbara O'Connor Manchester

Emily Ossenfort New Boston

Rhonda Paul Manchester

Courtney Pederson Bedford

Julie Pelletier Penacook

Harmony Pini Hampstead

Swayzie Plante Farmington

Madeline Powl Bedford

Pamela Putnam Pelham

Valerie Pycko Farmington

Catherine Reape Manchester

Ella Reape Hollis

Lillian Reape Hollis

Nina Ruffell Amherst

Sharon Rychcik Merrimack

Sharon Rychuk Merrimack

Jennifer Sabo Rindge

Charlene Salesky Nashua

Currier Sarah Farmington

Kathleen Schnebel Goffstown

Cassie Seward Middleton

Dorothy Smith Manchester

Kathy Snyder Nashua

Candace Stanley Farmington

Mela Stewart Concord

Kathy Thomas Manchester

Faith Titus Raymond

Kara Titus Farmington

Allison Trento Bedford

Barbara Turmelle Bedford

Jere Turner Concord

Jennifer Warren Allenstown

Kathryn Washburn Merrimack

Lisa Watkins Manchester

Jessica Whitehouse Farmington

Jean Willard Derry

Christine Williams Bedford

Adelina Winfield Henniker

Joanne Wyszynski Alton Bay