FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         Friday, August 25, 2016
Contact: Marshall Critchfield

Trump Announces Expanded Iowa Field Team

Des Moines, IA – The Trump-Pence Iowa presidential campaign today again announced the addition of several experienced staffers, including veteran political strategist Alex Latcham, who will serve as the campaign’s Iowa political director.

Raised in Des Moines, Latcham has worked at the Republican Party of Iowa for the past two years. He played a key role in the GOP’s highly successful 2014 midterm elections and helped create and execute an aggressive caucus-to-convention strategy for the GOP in 2016. Prior to his time at RPI, Latcham worked on the advance teams of Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Michelle Bachmann during their 2012 presidential campaigns.

“I am excited to join the Trump-Pence Iowa team and its growing team of seasoned campaign professionals,” said Latcham. “Our team has the skills and resources it needs to help deliver Mr. Trump victory in the Hawkeye State.”

Latcham will oversee a field operation consisting of four talented field directors who will work in each of Iowa's congressional districts. Team Trump’s new field directors include:

Alex Bagby- 1st Congressional District Field Director

Michael Kacmarynski- 2nd Congressional District Field Director

Joe Gilson- 3rd Congressional District Field Director

Adam Pitts- 4th Congressional District Field Director

Latcham joins a fast-growing list of experienced operatives who have recently joined Mr. Trump’s Iowa team. These include Jake Ketzner, who served as campaign manager for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s winning gubernatorial campaign in 2014. Previously, he managed Congressman Steve King’s winning 2012 congressional campaign.

Jamie Johnson, recently named Team Trump’s Iowa coalitions director, is a former Republican Party of Iowa state central committee member and most recently served in a senior national role for Gov. Rick Perry’s 2016 presidential run.

“I am extremely encouraged by the new talent we have brought into the mix here on Mr. Trump’s Iowa team over the past few weeks,” said Trump campaign State Director Eric Branstad. “Mr. Trump is building a first-rate Iowa team and we have the tools and resources to beat Hillary Clinton in November.

“The voters we hear from understand that Hillary Clinton represents a third Obama term while the Trump-Pence campaign of tougher law enforcement, stopping illegal immigration and bringing back jobs is resonating strongly across the battleground states,” Branstad said.