September 28, 2016
Contact: James Rockas

Donald Trump Endorsed by Radio Legend Jan Mickelson and Over 650 Christian Conservative Leaders

DES MOINES, IA – Today, at a rally with over 2,000 supporters, the Trump-Pence Campaign launched its Iowa Christian Conservatives for Trump coalition, which includes over 650 faith leaders from around the Hawkeye State.

The coalition, unveiled by Christian Conservatives for Trump State Co-Chairs Tamara Scott and Steve Scheffler at a Trump rally in Council Bluffs, is further evidence of the strong support coalescing behind the Trump-Pence ticket here in Iowa.

"I am proud to endorse the Trump-Pence ticket, because I know Donald Trump will defend religious liberty, confront radical Islamic terror, and improve the lives of all Americans," said Scheffler.

"I trust Donald Trump to appoint Supreme Court justices who share our values, while Hillary Clinton has shown us nothing but disdain, calling us ‘deplorable’ and 'irredeemable,'” said Scott.

Legendary WHO Radio host and prominent Christian activist Jan Mickelson is also serving as Honorary Chair of the group.  Mickelson's award-winning show is one of the most listened to in all of Iowa and he is an institution among the state's Christian Conservative voters.  He endorsed Trump and Pence live on the air on Monday morning.  

"I encourage Christian voters across Iowa to vote for Donald Trump for president. Hillary Clinton must be stopped," said Mickelson. "Those who value the right to life and religious liberty must wake up and realize that every freedom that we hold dear is on the line. Christians must rise up, go to the polls, and put Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the White House."

Click HERE to listen to Mickelson endorse Donald Trump live on the air.

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