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October 9, 2015

Donald J. Trump Announces State Directors in Alabama and Illinois

Mr. Trump Continues to Build a Substantial Campaign Team Across the Country

(New York, NY) October 9, 2015 - Today Donald J. Trump announced Chess Bedsole will serve as the Campaign State Director in Alabama and Kent Gray will serve as the Campaign State Director in Illinois. 
Mr. Trump stated, "My message to Make America Great Again has been so overwhelmingly well received, drawing record crowds and putting me in first place in all the polls.  America is crippled right now and Washington, DC is broken.  Our politicians are not capable or competent enough to fix our problems. We will continue to build out a substantial campaign team that allows us to take our message across the country and continue to share my vision to Make America Great Again".
Chess Bedsole is a lawyer and municipal judge who lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  Mr. Bedsole previously served as Counsel in the United States Senate and was dispatched to Broward County, Florida during the 2000 Presidential election for the recount effort of President George W. Bush. Since returning home to Alabama, Mr. Bedsole has represented numerous candidates and officials across the state as well as the Alabama Republican Party.
Kent Gray is a Republican strategist and attorney in Illinois. During his twenty-five year career, Kent has worked on seven national presidential campaigns, along with numerous state and local races. As an attorney, Kent has handled ballot access issues for dozens of candidates for offices from President of the United States to school board members.
In addition to staff in Alabama and Illinois, the Trump Campaign has staff in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia and is headquartered in New York.