October 13, 2016
Contact: James Rockas

Trump Campaign Announces Iowa Veterans for Trump Coalition

DES MOINES, IA – The Trump-Pence Campaign today launched Iowa Veterans for Trump, a coalition comprised of over 160 former officers and enlisted service members from the Hawkeye State.   Three coalition members, veterans Harold Johnson, Bob Gleason, and Evan Hultman, spoke on behalf of Donald Trump's candidacy and his vision to keep America safe.

"We are proud today to join the more than 200 admirals, generals, and Medal of Honor recipients who have now publicly endorsed Mr. Trump to serve as Commander-in-Chief," said Iowa Veterans for Trump Honorary Chairman Colonel Harold Johnson.  "Donald Trump is committed to rebuilding our military so that it remains the finest fighting force on the planet." 

A major theme of the press conference was the restoration of Ronald Reagan's strategy of "peace through strength," which helped end the Cold War.

"We will secure peace through strength," said Major General Evan "Curly" Hultman.  "That is the way that we accomplished it under President Reagan, and we are going to do it again under President Trump." 

Others also took issue with the Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration's failed foreign policy.  Unlike the Clinton-Obama agenda, Korean War Veteran Bob Gleason said that "Donald Trump will not appease our enemies, and neither will I."

"Mr. Trump does not believe that you should forecast and tell the enemy, months in advance, what you're going to do and when you are going to do it," Gleason Continued. "It's beyond ridiculous."

Click HERE to watch the full press conference. 

The announcement of this new coalition comes just days after a Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll showed the Trump-Pence ticket up 43% to 39% versus Clinton in Iowa.


Colonel Harold Johnson is a veteran of the United States Air Force and currently serves as Honorary Chairman of Iowa Veterans for Trump.  One of Iowa's most decorated veterans, he spent six years as a prisoner of war in the "Hanoi Hilton" after being shot down over Vietnam.

Sergeant Bob Gleason is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who served in the Korean War.  

Major General Evan “Curly” Hultman is a veteran of the United States Army who served in World War II.   He began his military career as a Private and finished as a battalion commander.  He is also the former Attorney General of Iowa.