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November 18, 2015

Trump Campaign Announces Southwest Virginia Leadership Team  

Trump Team Continues Momentum in Virginia after Submitting 16,000 Petitions for Ballot Access

(New York, NY) November 18th, 2015 - The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign has announced its Southwest Virginia Leadership Team comprised of current and former local elected officials and party leaders.  

Mr. Trump stated, "It is an honor to be on ballot in the state of Virginia where we have a great staff and team of volunteers in place. I am pleased to announce the Southwest Virginia Leadership Team as we continue to be successful in Virginia and across the country."  

Jack Morgan, the former Chairman of the Ninth Congressional District Republican Party will serve as Chairman of the Ninth District Team.   Former Buchanan County Commonwealth's Attorney Tamara Neo will serve as Mr. Morgan's Co-Chair.  

"It is an honor to support Mr. Trump, who is a proven leader with unparalleled capabilities and successes. He is undoubtedly the strongest candidate and he continues to generate unprecedented enthusiasm across the state of Virginia and around the country. I look forward to working with the staff and volunteers here in Virginia as we share Mr. Trump's vision to Make America Great Again."  

Other members of the leadership team include former Allegheny/Covington Republican Party Chairman, Derrick Barr, Tazewell County Supervisor, Seth White, Christiansburg Town Councilman, Harry Collins, Richlands Mayor, Jan White, Richlands Vice Mayor, Doug Ratliff and the former Sheriff of Patrick County, Jay Gregory.  

Virginians in Southwest Virginia have born the brunt of the failed and misguided government policies for years.  Overreaching regulations and the Obama Administration's outright war on coal has uprooted and destroyed families and entire communities that have lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia for generations.  

Horrible trade deals such as NAFTA, which Mr. Trump has consistently opposed, have shipped manufacturing jobs overseas, and crippled the area economically.  America, now more than ever, needs a true leader with proven ideas and real world experience to fix Washington. Mr. Trump is the only one who can Make America Great Again.  

Mr. Trump has visited Virginia several times since launching his campaign in June and was recently the first Republican candidate to qualify for ballot access after submitting 16,000 signatures. Last month, Mr. Trump hosted a capacity crowd at a rally in Richmond and weeks later unveiled his Veterans Affairs Reform Plan in Norfolk, Virginia with thousands in attendance at the USS Wisconsin. Mr. Trump owns the award winning Trump Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia where he employs hundreds of people and visits often. He will return to Virginia early next month.