December 29, 2015


(New York, NY) December 29th, 2015 – Today Donald J. Trump for President Inc. announced its Texas operation continues to expand, most recently amassing a statewide organization in all 36 Congressional Districts in over 50 counties. These counties account for nearly 80% of the Republican Primary vote in the state. Hundreds of leaders have signed on to Co-Chair their Congressional District to help Donald Trump carry their district and the state.

Mr. Trump stated, “I love Texas and have visited many times. We have had tremendous crowds, are winning all the polls and have met some terrific people who truly want to Make America Great Again. With their support, we will make the country better than ever before.”

George M. Clayton, Congressional District Co-Chair for Trump for President in Texas stated, “Donald Trump is strong for America. He is truthful. He is dedicated and loyal to the Constitution. He supports a strong military. He has the overall goodwill of the American people as his number one priority. I heartily and enthusiastically support and endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. ”

Dr. Bas Nair from Houston, Congressional District Co-Chair for Trump for President in Texas added, “I waited four long years, 34 years ago to come through the proper immigration channels. Mr. Trump is right on with his immigration policy and is the only candidate who is brave enough to say what our country really needs.”

Daren Garcia Cantu of McAllen, Congressional District Co-Chair for Trump for President in Texas says, “I am the son of two Individuals that came to America to live a better life and pursue the American Dream, They were able to do this legally and my father even became a naturalized citizen. Mr. Trump is the only candidate that does not flip flop. Political correctness is ruining this country!”