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Donald J. Trump for President  

Chairman  Robert B. "Rob" Arlett

5th district councilman on the Sussex County Council, elected in 2014.  Started and owns a real estate business.  Attended George Mason University and enlisted in the Naval Reserve.  Resident of the Frankford area. 

State Director  Justin Arlett

Son of Rob, active in multimedia marketing.

Deputy State Director  Hunter Dworsky

(Aug. 2015)  Intern and field rep. for the Republican State Committee of Delaware and Republican Party from May 2016.  Supervisor with Newark Parks and Rec. from Nov. 2015.  CEO at Dworsky Political Consultant Group from April 2012.  Studying political science and government at Delaware Technical and Community College.

Trump offices in all three counties

Delaware Republican Party 360 College Square  |  Newark, DE 19711  |  fb/indgop  |  @indgop

Chairman  Charlie L. Copeland

(elected July 20, 2013 at a special convention)  President of Associates International Inc., a commercial printing company.  Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in 2008.  Elected to the state Senate representing the 4th District (Hockessin area) in 2002 and retired in June 2008; elected Minority Leader in 2006.  Co-founder of the Challenge Program, a vocational training program in Wilmington, 1997.  Worked for the Dupont Company.  M.B.A. from Duke University School of Business, 1994; B.S. double major in physics and computer science from Duke University.

Office Manager  Paula Manolakos