Source: - Aug. 8, 2016

To: Chairman Reince Priebus, Committee Members of the National Republican Party, State Chairmen

We, the undersigned Conservatives, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and those in accord with original principles of the Republican Party, hereby demand unrestricted and immediate accountability of the GOP.

Since the 2016 National Convention, we have been shocked and saddened by the unprecedented consolidation of power by GOP elites, the tactics employed to reach it, and the unprecedented attack upon grassroots conservatives within the Republican Party.

Call a Rule 9 Meeting

There is one inescapable conclusion. Donald Trump, at his current trajectory, will be defeated by Hillary Clinton in a landslide.

Both after state primaries and especially after the Republican nomination, Trump has been his own worst enemy.  From insulting a Gold Star family and refusing to exhibit a shred of humility, revealing plans to form super PACs to attack fellow Republicans, to almost hourly gaffes on Twitter - his continued candidacy will ensure certain defeat in both his presidential election and other down-ticket races.  It has now been widely-reported that Trump is abandoning the sage guidance of experienced, top-level campaign advisers.  Life-long Republican voters are now defecting to the Clinton and Gary Johnson camps.  Trump is himself prepared to admit defeat - actively calling the established electoral system "rigged" in an effort to soften the blow for his eventual defeat.
It does not have to be this way.  
Under Rule 9(a), the Republican National Committee may fill "vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise" of the Presidential nominee.  "Otherwise" includes disqualification and removal.

A meeting must urgently be called to replace Donald Trump as the party's nominee prior to the printing of balloting for the general election to disqualify, remove, and otherwise replace him before all-but-certain defeat in November.

Audit the GOP

More specifically, we demand an immediate audit of all petitions and "withdrawal" forms from the Republican National Convention. Despite the majority of eleven (11) state delegations having completed petition forms, the acting secretary of the convention falsely, and with knowledge, stated that only nine (9) had been submitted petitions with three (3) states, in collusion between the GOP and the as-of-yet nominee, withdrawing support.

In addition to a lack of transparency, many withdrawal forms incorrectly used the year 2012 and were thus invalid. In addition to the secretary of the convention hiding from being given the phones, delegation microphones turned off, and the acting chairman not responding to proper points of order on the floor, we believe a knowing, intentional fraud was committed.

We, the undersigned, demand an open and transparent audit without delay.

Stop the Purge

We further demand that the purge of grassroots activists cease immediately. Just days after the Republican nomination, Donald J. Trump has blasted Republicans including Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich. But it wasn't enough to just verbally attack members of the GOP — Trump has said that he will create Super PACS and raise over $30 million dollars attacking fellow Republicans.

If these actions are not meriting criticism, nothing else is. Grassroots activists are the engine that drives the party and they must be protected!

If you've experienced threats of being "purged" from the GOP, click here and tell us your story!

Mr. Chairman, we demand the recall meeting be set, a full and transparent audit, and that the purge of grassroots activists on the national, state, and local level end today!


[The Undersigned]