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Democratic National Committee
May 13, 2016

DNC Chair Statement on Trump Tax Returns

This morning Donald Trump once again went back on his word, refusing to release his tax returns. When asked during an interview whether he would disclose his tax rate, Trump snapped at the interviewer and said it was “none of your business.” He also argued that voters do not have a right to see his tax returns before Election Day.

Of course, when Trump first considered running for President in 1999, he ‎said he, “probably wouldn’t have a problem with” releasing his tax returns if he ran. Later, in 2012, he argued if you’re running for President, “at a minimum, probably, you’re going to have to show your [tax] returns” and they should be released by April 1st of the election year.  

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued the following statement:

“Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns raises serious questions about what he’s hiding, whether or not he pays his fair share and how much he would benefit from his own reckless tax plan. If Trump can’t be open and honest about his purported wealth today as a candidate, there’s no telling how much he would rig the system to enrich himself and others at the top at the expense of hardworking families as president.”


Correct the Record (pro-Clinton)
May 13, 2016


What a Quack.

Bucking precedent that goes back to 1976, Donald Trump--the presumptive Republican presidential nominee --has repeatedly refused to release his taxes. Despite the fact that Richard Nixon released his taxes while under audit, Trump has said an audit prevents him from releasing his tax returns to the American public. When he released his tax plan earlier this year, he said that the wealthy would pay more (despite evidence to the contrary), but he boasted this morning that he, himself, fights “very hard to pay as little tax as possible.”

What is Donald J. Trump hiding? Does he refuse to donate money to charity? Does he pay a lower tax rate than the average middle class family? Is his “successful businessman” persona a farce?

The media continues to hold Donald Trump’s feet to the fire on his refusal to take a step that every presidential candidate for over three decades has taken. A Washington Post article even shamed Trump for being “almost certainly the least transparent candidate in the era of modern media.”


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American Bridge 21st Century PAC
May 13, 2016

WATCH: Trump's Tax Evasion
This morning on Good Morning America, Donald Trump said the American public doesn't have a right to see his tax returns. The saga over Trump's tax returns continues as the presumptive Republican nominee continues to refuse to release his returns and breaks the precedent of every presidential candidate releasing their returns dating back to 1972. Trump assuredly regrets criticizing Mitt Romney for not releasing his returns more quickly and pledging multiple times to release his own returns. Because hey, his tax rate is "none of your business." 
Trump, release your returns. Read more at TrumpReleaseYourReturns.com.

American Bridge 21st Century PAC website at TrumpReleaseYourReturns.com asks, "Why is Donald Trump Backing Off His Earlier Promises to Release His Tax Returns?"

Correct the Record (pro-Clinton)
May 19, 2016


Washington, D.C.--It’s only Thursday, and Trump has already had a taxing week. Trump continues to refuse to release his tax returns, now described as potentially “kryptonite” for his campaign. And it’s no wonder he’s hiding them. Trump University actually had a book that outlined strategies to avoid paying taxes. And Trump’s companies have been involved in over 100 tax-related lawsuits and disputes.

“The week is not even over and already we’ve learned that Trump took advantage of 9/11 recovery funds to benefit his bottom line, taught people to avoid paying taxes and his companies have been involved in more than 100 tax lawsuits and disputes,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of Correct the Record. “As the facts continue to pile up about Trump’s shady tax record, it’s clear that ‘The Donald’ has a lot to hide from the American people. The question now is: What else is Trump keeping from us in his secret tax returns?”

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May 19, 2016
Hillary for America

Four New Insights Into Why Donald Trump Refuses To Release His Tax Returns

Serious questions continue to be raised about why Donald Trump continues to refuse to release his tax returns, a basic public disclosure made by every Democratic and Republican presidential nominee for the past forty years. Yesterday, the mandatory release of Trump’s personal financial disclosure offered new insights into what Trump could be hiding
​ .

​ ​
Trump took 9/11 recovery funds, intended to help small businesses, and spent them on his ritzy property at 40 Wall Street - just one example of Trump using public funds for private gains.

“Donald Trump made a pretty penny off a program to help small businesses hurt by 9/11, one of many times where The Donald took advantage of government programs to save or make money off the taxpayer.

‘Trump is a welfare king who owes much of his fortune to the largesse of taxpayers,’ said Johnston.” [NYDN, 5/18/2016​ ]

​ ​
Trump will go to any length to avoid paying taxes – at least 36 times, his unpaid bills forced the state of New York to take him to court, and he vastly undervalues his golf courses to local tax men.

“As recently as last week, Trump said he was “willing to pay more” taxes personally and that “taxes for the rich will go up somewhat” if he becomes president. But the lawsuits and other tax-related disputes show a different reality for his businesses. They illustrate a pattern of systematically disputing tax bills, arguing for lower property assessments, and in some cases not paying taxes until the government takes additional action.

“At least three dozen times, Trump companies’ unpaid tax bills have forced the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to go to local courts to get liens against his properties to try to collect overdue bills. New Jersey also had to go to court for a lien to collect a Trump company’s unpaid tax bill.” [USA Today, 5/19/2016]

“When local governments try to tax Trump on his golf properties, he incredulously turns out his pockets, often claiming that his courses are worth far less than the estimates on his nomination filings.

“Trump and his subsidiaries have employed this tactic with at least six of his U.S. courses, according to town and county officials in numerous states. In at least one instance, the discrepancy between what Trump said a course would sell for when claiming to the public he’s worth “TEN BILLION DOLLARS” and what he told local officials come tax time was at least $48.6 million, or 97% less.” [Fortune, 5/17/2016]

Trump may not be worth the $10 billion that he claims.

“The new disclosure comes amid swirling questions about Trump’s income and net worth. This week, he reiterated his past claim that he was worth more than $10 billion, although he has not provided independent evidence to back up the claim.” [Washington Post, 5/19/2016]

Trump is making a “flood of cash” from running for president.

“The flood of cash highlights one of the most unusual aspects of Trump’s candidacy — the potential that a private businessman can benefit financially from a run for the White House…. The filing adds another chapter to the shifting story of Trump’s wealth.” [Washington Post, 5/19/2016]

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