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April 16, 2015

New Super PAC Launched to Support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

MADISON, WI – Unintimidated PAC is a political action committee launched today by longtime Walker strategists and will be dedicated to highlighting Governor Walker’s strong record of reform and courageous leadership that have helped make Wisconsin great again.

Should Governor Scott Walker choose to run for president, Unintimidated PAC will independently advocate for his candidacy and show America who Walker is: someone who is unintimidated by Washington’s government-knows-best mentality and has proven his big, bold ideas can win.

The leadership team brings solid national finance experience and strong ties to Governor Walker’s three successful campaigns over the past four years including his campaign for governor in 2010, the Recall Election in 2012, and his re-elect campaign of 2014. They include:

Keith Gilkes, Executive Director

Keith recently served as senior adviser for Governor Walker’s 2014 re-election, manager for the 2012 recall campaign, and manager for his successful 2010 campaign for Wisconsin Governor. He served as Governor Walker’s first chief of staff during the Act 10 reforms debate and protests before leaving to fight the recall attempt. Over the last three years he consulted on Congressional and U.S. Senate races.

Stephan Thompson, Deputy Executive Director

Stephan most recently served as campaign manager for Governor Walker's successful 2014 re-election. Previously, he served as executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and was deputy campaign manager on Governor Walker's successful 2010 campaign. His experience over the last decade includes roles on dozens of local and statewide political and issue advocacy campaigns.

James McCray, National Finance Director

Jim McCray is the managing partner of Highwood Capital, LLC, a national political and business consulting firm located in Washington, D.C. McCray has advised numerous U.S. Senators, Governors, presidential campaigns, national coalitions, and corporations. He served as national finance consultant on over 10 U.S. Senate Campaigns, most recently for Senators Steve Daines and Thom Tillis. McCray originally hails from a cattle ranch in Geyser, Montana and is a graduate of Montana State University and Vanderbilt law school.