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"Single moms are heroines" +
1:13 video from Oct. 30, 2013.

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Well I think that so many single moms are real heroines.  I mean the work that they do against the most difficult odds deserves our support and admiration.  They are truly amazing people.  It's hard to do it alone.  It is just hard, and those single moms need even more family support, they need even more of the help that grandparents and aunts and uncles and good friends can provide because it's tough, it's lonely.  I mean I have good friends who were single during much of the time that their children were raised.  They did it, but boy it wasn't easy.  And so I think we ought to be focused on doing what we can to help every single mom feel like she can you know both bring home the paycheck that keeps the roof over their kid's head and puts clothes on their back and have support to do what she wants to do for her kids.