Jill Stein for President

"Jill Stein's 2016 Presidential Campaign Announcement" +

1:56 video from June 21, 2015.

[Music, cheering]

Stein (clips from rallies): The biggest way people give up power is by not knowing that we have it to start with.  Well we've got it, and we're going to use it.

And it doesn't come from the big corporate political parties that are bought and paid for by Wall Street.

Their choices are not our choices.

Stein (clip from CNN): Their candidate are not our candidates.  Their economy is not our economy.

Stein (clips from rallies): Their government is not our government.  Their prisons are not our prisons.  Their police are not our police.  And their endless wars are not our wars. And their recovery for the few is not our recovery.

The 1-percent is quaking in their boots, because we're waking up to the fact that we have the power ... we're going to use it.

We have the power to make the minimum wage a living wage.

We have the power to turn the tide on climate change.

We have the power to create a welcoming path to citizenship.

We have the power to end the racist war on drugs.

It's in our hands. 

Together we can build a world that puts people and the planet and peace over profit.  That's in our hands.

Our power to create this new world is not in our hopes, it's not in our dreams; it's in our hands.

Thank you.

Notes: Video released for Dr. Jill Stein's announcement of candidacy.  The music, cheering is a bit heavy.