Friends of Scott Walker

"Anthem" +

:60 TV ad from April 15, 2014.

[Music] Male Announcer: It had gotten pretty bad four years ago. Over 130,000 jobs lost. A deficit over 3 billion. And taxes going up. Wisconsin’s future looked dark.

[Music up tempo] But it’s different now. Wisconsin has turned around. The deficit is gone. Taxes are lower. And more people have gone back to work.

Kids are going to college. Families are planning vacations and more are going to sleep knowing they have access to health care.

Unemployment is below the national average. And we’re investing in worker training to prepare people for the jobs that are available.

The goal is that everyone who wants a job, can find a job. Less dependence on government, more dependence on individual hard work and pride.

That’s progress. That’s what leadership feels like.

And thanks to Governor Walker, Wisconsin is back on.

Notes:  This ad coincided with the formal launch of Walker's re-election campaign.  After the first part of the ad lays out the dark and gray situation, the second part is full of warm colors and smiling faces.