Hillary for America

"Valentia" +

0:30 ad run in NV from Feb. 6, 2016.


Female Announcer:  Cuando parece que todos están en tu contra… aprendes quienes son tus amigos de verdad.

Hillary Clinton siempre ha estado con nosotros en la lucha por una reforma migratoria que mantenga familias unidas.

Luchó por proveer acceso médico a 8 millones de niños y su plan como Presidenta hace una educación universitaria más económica.

Siempre habrán obstáculos, pero con una amiga como Hillary seguiremos adelante.  

Clinton (voiceover):  I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

It’s when things get tough...  that you see the friends by your side. There is no other candidate who has fought as hard for our families as Hillary Clinton. She stands with us to achieve immigration reform and to keep families together. She fought to expand health care to millions of children. And her plan as President will put a college education within our reach. There is still much to do, but with a friend like Hillary, we keep moving forward.

Notes:  The Feb. 5 press release...

In First Spanish-Language TV and Radio Ads, Hillary Clinton Highlights Lifelong Support for the Latino Community and Immigration Reform

Las Vegas, NV -- In the campaign's first Spanish-language TV and radio ads released today, Hillary Clinton highlights her lifelong record of fighting for immigration reform, children, and education.

The ads highlight that Clinton has what it takes to stand up to the Republican candidates and stop them from undoing the progress we’ve made. The radio ad also features Nevada Field Organizer Natalie Montelongo, inviting the Latino community to caucus for Hillary on February 20.

In the TV ad, the narrator says “There is still much to do, but with a friend like Hillary, we keep moving forward.”

The 30-second TV spot and 1-minute radio ad in Spanish are part of the campaign's first ad buy in Hispanic media in Nevada.