Hillary for America

"Standing" +

0:30 ad run in SC from Feb. 12, 2016.


Rev. Anthony ThompsonSomebody called me on the phone.  She said, 'Rev. Thompson.'  I said, 'Yeah.'  She said, 'There's shooting around the church."  And I just dropped the phone.

First thing came to my mind was we need to make some changes.

Hillary is really committed to making sure that the guns don't get into the wrong hands, and is standing with the president to get stronger gun laws so no family ever has to go through anything like this again.

Clinton (voiceover):  I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

Notes:  The Feb. 12 press release...

New Testimonial TV Ad by Charleston Reverend: Clinton “Standing With President To Get Stronger Gun Laws”

Hillary for America will begin airing a new ad, called “Standing,” this weekend featuring a testimonial from Reverend Anthony Thompson of Charleston, South Carolina, who lost his wife in the Charleston massacre. In the ad, Reverend Thompson makes the case that Hillary Clinton is “standing with the President to get stronger gun laws so no family has to go through anything like this again.” Kevin Singleton and Denise Quarles, two of Myra Thompson's children, recently shared their story on why our country should act to address gun violence.

The ad will begin airing statewide in South Carolina starting this weekend.