Hillary for America

"Brave" +

0:60 ad run in NV, announced Feb. 18, 2016.

My parents, they have a letter of deportation.  I'm scared for them because having deportation.  I'm scared that they are going to be deported.

Clinton:  Here, come here a minute.  [applause]

I'm going to do everything I can so you don't have to be scared.  And you don't have to worry about what happens to your mom, or your dad or somebody else in your family.  I feel really, really strongly, but you're being very brave.  And you have to be brave for them too, because they want you to be happy, they want you to be successful, they don't want you to worry too much.  Let me do the worrying.  I'll do all the worrying, is that a deal?  I'll do the worry, I'll do everything I can to help. [applause] 

Clinton voiceover:  I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

Notes:   The press release announcing this ad:

In New Ad, Clinton Tells Young Daughter of Immigrants at Risk of Deportation: 'I’ll Do All The Worrying. I’ll Do Everything I Can To Help'

Hillary for America is airing a powerful, new television and online ad called “Brave” in Nevada,  featuring Hillary Clinton’s exchange with a 10-year-old young woman concerned about her parents being deported. The exchange happened during a meeting between Clinton and DREAMers in Las Vegas last Sunday. 

"My parents, they have a letter of deportation. I'm scared they are going to be deported," the young woman says.

Embracing the young woman, Clinton says: "Let me do the worrying. I'll do all the worrying...  I'll do everything I can to help, OK?"

The new advertisement is running statewide in Nevada and urges people to vote in Saturday’s caucus.

Early in the campaign, Clinton rolled out a plan to reform our broken immigration system that includes: (1) enacting comprehensive immigration reform to create a pathway to citizenship, keep families together, and enable millions of workers to come out of the shadows; (2) ending family detention and closing private immigrant detention centers, and; (3) defending President Obama’s executive actions to provide deportation relief for DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents, and extending those actions to additional persons with sympathetic cases as well.(4) Promoting naturalization and doing more to help the millions of people who are eligible for citizenship to take that last step.

Clinton supported the Senate's bipartisan immigration reform bill in 2013 and, unlike Senator Sanders, she supported the 2007 bill as well.