Hillary for America

anti-fracking ad +

0:30 ad run in Upstate New York from mid-April 2016.


Male Announcer:  China.  India.  Some of the world's worst polluters.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton forced them to the table, making real change by laying the groundwork for the historical global agreement to combat climate change.

As president, she'll invest in a clean energy future and the jobs that go with it, and stand firm with New Yorkers opposing fracking, giving communities the right to say no.

Because our future depends on getting this right.

Clinton (voiceover):  I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

NotesThe campaign did not annouce this ad, and it was up to an alert reader in the Albany area to point it out.  Subsequently Brad Johnson of Climate Hawks Vote posted the ad on YouTube, titling it "Hillary Clinton's Secret Anti-Fracking Ad."  He noted, "The ad credits Clinton's work at the failed Copenhagen climate talks for the Paris climate agreement, and claims allegiance with the anti-fracking movement."